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The Apache™ FOP Project

Apache™ FOP Status

Current Status of Apache™ FOP


Apache™ FOP version 2.9 was released on 22 Aug 2023.

Development Status

The FOP code base is gradually evolving, from Version 0.90 released on 22 November 2005, to Version 2.9, released on 22 Aug 2023. Further releases in the 2.x series and beyond are expected.

FOP releases before version 0.90 were based on a different code base. The last release in that series was version 0.20.5, released on 18 July 2003. This series is no longer maintained.

If you're looking for a long-term road-map we have to disappoint you. This is Open Source and we're mostly volunteers working in their free time. What we have is an idea where we want to go. How fast we get there depends on the available time, on how well our ideas work out while developing and on you! There's a document in the Wiki where ideas for new developments may be registered and documented.

Status of the individual components

Not all the components of FOP currently have the same quality. The following table tries to give you an overview:

Component Status
API stable
FO Tree stable
Layout Engine stable
Area Tree stable
Intermediate Format Support stable (could use a speed upgrade)
PDF (Library and Renderer) stable (SVG: stable)
PostScript stable (SVG: stable with restrictions)
Java2D, AWT, Bitmap Renderers stable
Text Renderer stable
RTF Handler restricted functionality compared to PDF/PS
PCL Renderer stable (not much feedback)
AFP Renderer stable (not much feedback)
SVG Renderer non-functional in sandbox, help needed
Font Support stable
Image Support stable
Hyphenation Subsystem stable