The Apache FOP Project

The Apache™ FOP Project

Apache™ FOP: PDF Images Plug-In


The fop-pdf-images plug-in extends FOP in order to add support for using PDF images in fo:external-graphic elements when generating PDF files. This means one can write something like:

<fo:external-graphic src="my-doc.pdf#page=1"/>


<fox:external-document src="my-doc.pdf"/>

Reduce file size

If you input many pdfs together the output pdf has duplicate fonts. Set this flag to merge fonts in fop.xconf:

<renderer mime="application/pdf">      

Known issues with Postscript output


Snapshot development source and binary packages are available here. If using the binary package, the four jar files should be placed in the lib directory of your FOP installation.

The current source can also be retrieved from the svn repository.

Older Releases

The fop-pdf-images plug-in was donated by Jeremias Märki to the XMLGraphics project in 2012. Older releases can be obtained from his plug-in page.