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History of Changes 1.0


Introduction and explanation of symbols

Changes are sorted by "type" and then chronologically with the most recent at the top. These symbols denote the various action types:add =add,fix =fix,remove =remove,update =update

Version 1.0 (21 July 2010)

Changes to the End-User API

Changes to the Code Base

Changes to the Bundled Extensions

Changes to the Font Subsystem

Changes to the Image Support

Changes to the Layout Engine

Changes to Renderers (Output Formats)

Contributors to this release

We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.

This is a list of all people who participated as committers:

Adrian Cumiskey (AC), Andreas Delmelle (AD), Chris Bowditch (CB), Jeremias Märki (JM), (JM,VH), Luca Furini (LF), Max Berger (MB), Simon Pepping (SP), Vincent Hennebert (VH).

This is a list of other contributors:

Alexander Stamenov, Alok Singh, Antti Karanta, Bharat Attaluri, Carsten Siedentop, D.W. Harks, Dario Laera, Emil Maskovsky, Francois Fernandes, Georg Datterl, Harald G. Henne, J. Frantzius, Jason Harrop, Jonathan Levinson, Jost Klopfstein, Martin Edge, Maxim Wirt, Nicolas Peninguy, Pavel Kysilka, Peter Coppens, Peter Hancock, Richard Wheeldon,, Thomas Stieler, Tow Browder, Venkat Reddy, Yegor Kozlov.