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The Apache™ FOP Project

Apache™ FOP Development: SVG Issues

See also SVG User Documentation for more information.


These examples illustrate a number of issues relating to conversion to PDF:

SVG to PDF examples

svg file png file pdf result
images images.svg images.png images.pdf
svg linking link.svg link.png link.pdf
gradients and patterns paints.svg paints.png paints.pdf
various text and effects on text text.svg text.png text.pdf
transparent objects transparency.svg transparency.png transparency.pdf

As can be seen most of the specific issues are handled.

You will need Acrobat 5.0 to see transparency.

XSL:FO to PDF examples

fo file pdf result
embedding svg

Developer Notes

For most output formats in FOP the SVG is simply drawn into an image with Batik. For PDF there are a set of classes to handle drawing the GVT (Graphic Vector Toolkit) into PDF markup.


These are the relevant classes, found in the package org.apache.fop.svg:


Batik can convert ttf to svg font. This svg font could be converted into a pdf stroked font (type 3 font).