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Apache™ FOP Development: SVG Issues

See also SVG User Documentation for more information.


These examples illustrate a number of issues relating to conversion to PDF:

SVG to PDF examples| | svg file | png file | pdf result | |--|----------|----------|------------| | images | images.svg | images.png | images.pdf | | svg linking | link.svg | link.png | link.pdf | | gradients and patterns | paints.svg | paints.png | paints.pdf | | various text and effects on text | text.svg | text.png | text.pdf | | transparent objects | transparency.svg | transparency.png | transparency.pdf |

As can be seen most of the specific issues are handled.

You will need Acrobat 5.0 to see transparency.

XSL:FO to PDF examples| | fo file | pdf result | |--|---------|------------| | embedding svg | | |

Developer Notes

For most output formats in FOP the SVG is simply drawn into an image with Batik. For PDF there are a set of classes to handle drawing the GVT (Graphic Vector Toolkit) into PDF markup.


These are the relevant classes, found in the package org.apache.fop.svg:


Batik can convert ttf to svg font. This svg font could be converted into a pdf stroked font (type 3 font).