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The Apache™ FOP Project

Apache™ FOP Examples

Example Documents Using Apache™ FOP

These examples have been rendered using Apache™ FOP:

Generated examples| Description | XSL-FO file | PDF result | |-------------|-------------|------------| | default font characters | | |

Other basic examples on the use of XSL-FO can be found in the FOP distribution in the subdirectory examples/fo. You can start transformation of all fo files into pdf files by running ant in this directory (only source distribution). The resulting test files can be found in examples/fo/tests

At the moment the following files are part of the distribution:

Also, in the directory examples/fo/pagination you will find a suite of examples showing the use of XSL-FO pagination.

Developers will find the first steps to a test suite for all implemented formatting objects and properties in test/xml in the source distribution.

Images Examples

Embedding images in FO:

Images in FO| description | fo file | pdf result | |-------------|---------|------------| | align in larger viewport | | | | align in smaller viewport | | | | scaling image | | |

Look also into the directory examples/fo/svg. There you find some very extensive SVG examples.

Instream Foreign Object Examples

Instream Foreign Object images in FO, there are more on the SVG Page:

Embedding instream-foreign-object| description | fo file | pdf result | |-------------|---------|------------| | embedding svg in viewport | | |