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The Apache™ Batik Project

Using Batik

The Batik toolkit has a number of modules that can be used to provide SVG support to your application. This section includes resources for explaining how to use these modules.

Architecture : The architecture page gives an overview of how the various modules in Batik fit together.

Javadoc APIs : The Javadoc APIs document all of the classes packaged with Batik.

DOM API : The DOM API page explains how to use the DOM interfaces to create and render SVG documents.

Parsers : The Parsers page describes the parser classes that can be used for parsing the microsyntaxes of SVG (such as path data and transform lists).

Scripting : The scripting pages (Scriping with ECMAScript, Scripting with Java and Security) document how to programmatically manipulate SVG documents, and how script interpreters can be used and extended in Batik.

SVG generator : The SVG Generator page documents the SVGGraphics2D class, which can be used to construct SVG documents from Java2D drawing commands.

Swing components : The Swing components page describes the SVG canvas component, the primary method for displaying SVG content in Swing applications.

Transcoder API : The Transcoder API page explains how to use the transcoder classes to convert SVG content to other formats (raster or vector).

Extending Batik : The Extending Batik page lists the parts of the Batik API that are extensible and explains how to add functionality to the existing modules.