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Git repository branches

This page contains information on the current work that is being done in Batik’s Git repository. There are currently three main branches in use in the repository:

main : The main is the main development branch. All bug fixes and most new non-experimental features are checked in to this branch. While it is the bleeding edge of the available Batik code, it is generally stable enough to use. For more information on SVG 1.2 features that are supported by the trunk, see the SVG 1.2 support page.

webapi : The webapi branch is where some experimental support for some of the work being produced by the Web API WG (specifically, support for XMLHttpRequest and the Window object). When the specifications and the implementation mature enough, the code will be folded back into the trunk.

svg11 : The svg11 branch contains the code that was the trunk before the old svg12 branch became the trunk. Bug fixes that are made on the trunk are also ported to the svg11 branch. This branch will be deprecated at some point in the future.