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Mailing Lists

Before posting a question or problem to any mailing list, please first look at the following resources in this order:

  1. Batik FAQs

  2. Batik users list archive (check links below)

  3. Batik development list archive (check links below)

Batik users list

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This is the general Batik list, for problems using Batik, bug reports, etc. This is not an appropriate list for general SVG questions. You might try the public SVG mailing list for specification related questions, or the SVG Developers list for general help with SVG.

Important: If you are posting about a problem you are having (as most people do), please provide details about the system configuration (operating system, JDK version, window manager, etc.), and detailed information about the problem such as any available stack trace or, ideally, a test case that isolates the problem. This will help get a quick resolution.

Batik development list

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This list is for developers working on or wanting to work on Batik itself (not developers merely working with Batik), for patches to Batik to be posted, etc.