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Packages that use SVGContext
org.apache.batik.bridge Provides an API for mapping and maintaining consistency between the SVG DOM tree and the GVT tree. 

Uses of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.anim.dom

Subinterfaces of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.anim.dom
 interface SVGAnimationTargetContext
          Context interface for elements that can be the target of animations.

Fields in org.apache.batik.anim.dom declared as SVGContext
protected  SVGContext SVGOMDocument.svgContext
          The SVG context.
protected  SVGContext SVGOMElement.svgContext
          The SVG context to get SVG specific informations.

Methods in org.apache.batik.anim.dom that return SVGContext
 SVGContext SVGOMDocument.getSVGContext()
          Returns the SVG context used to get SVG specific informations.
 SVGContext SVGOMElement.getSVGContext()
          Returns the SVG context used to get SVG specific informations.

Methods in org.apache.batik.anim.dom with parameters of type SVGContext
 void SVGOMDocument.setSVGContext(SVGContext ctx)
          Sets the SVG context to use to get SVG specific informations.
 void SVGOMElement.setSVGContext(SVGContext ctx)
          Sets the SVG context to use to get SVG specific informations.

Uses of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.bridge

Classes in org.apache.batik.bridge that implement SVGContext
 class AbstractGraphicsNodeBridge
          The base bridge class for SVG graphics node.
 class AbstractSVGFilterPrimitiveElementBridge
          The base bridge class for SVG filter primitives.
 class AbstractSVGGradientElementBridge
          Bridge class for vending gradients.
static class AbstractSVGGradientElementBridge.SVGStopElementBridge
          Bridge class for the gradient <stop> element.
 class AbstractSVGLightingElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feDiffuseLighting> element.
protected static class AbstractSVGLightingElementBridge.AbstractSVGLightElementBridge
          The base bridge class for light element.
static class AbstractSVGLightingElementBridge.SVGFeDistantLightElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feDistantLight> element.
static class AbstractSVGLightingElementBridge.SVGFePointLightElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <fePointLight> element.
static class AbstractSVGLightingElementBridge.SVGFeSpotLightElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feSpotLight> element.
 class AnimatableGenericSVGBridge
          Abstract bridge class for animatable elements that do not produce a GraphicsNode.
 class AnimatableSVGBridge
          Abstract bridge class for those elements that can be animated.
 class SVGAElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <a> element.
 class SVGAnimateColorElementBridge
          Bridge class for the 'animateColor' animation element.
 class SVGAnimateElementBridge
          Bridge class for the 'animate' animation element.
 class SVGAnimateMotionElementBridge
          Bridge class for the 'animateMotion' animation element.
 class SVGAnimateTransformElementBridge
          Bridge class for the 'animateTransform' animation element.
 class SVGAnimationElementBridge
          An abstract base class for the SVG animation element bridges.
 class SVGCircleElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <circle> element.
 class SVGClipPathElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <clipPath> element.
 class SVGDecoratedShapeElementBridge
          The base bridge class for decorated shapes.
 class SVGDescElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <desc> element.
 class SVGDescriptiveElementBridge
          Base class for 'descriptive' elements, mostly title and desc.
 class SVGDocumentBridge
          Bridge class for an SVGDocument node.
 class SVGEllipseElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <ellipse> element.
 class SVGFeBlendElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feBlend> element.
 class SVGFeColorMatrixElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feColorMatrix> element.
 class SVGFeComponentTransferElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feComponentTransfer> element.
static class SVGFeComponentTransferElementBridge.SVGFeFuncAElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feFuncA> element.
static class SVGFeComponentTransferElementBridge.SVGFeFuncBElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feFuncB> element.
protected static class SVGFeComponentTransferElementBridge.SVGFeFuncElementBridge
          The base bridge class for component transfer function.
static class SVGFeComponentTransferElementBridge.SVGFeFuncGElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feFuncG> element.
static class SVGFeComponentTransferElementBridge.SVGFeFuncRElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feFuncR> element.
 class SVGFeCompositeElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feComposite> element.
 class SVGFeConvolveMatrixElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feConvolveMatrix> element.
 class SVGFeDiffuseLightingElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feDiffuseLighting> element.
 class SVGFeDisplacementMapElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feDisplacementMap> element.
 class SVGFeFloodElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feFlood> element.
 class SVGFeGaussianBlurElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feGaussianBlur> element.
 class SVGFeImageElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feImage> element.
 class SVGFeMergeElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feMerge> element.
static class SVGFeMergeElementBridge.SVGFeMergeNodeElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feMergeNode> element.
 class SVGFeMorphologyElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feMorphology> element.
 class SVGFeOffsetElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feOffset> element.
 class SVGFeSpecularLightingElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feSpecularLighting> element.
 class SVGFeTileElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feTile> element.
 class SVGFeTurbulenceElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <feTurbulence> element.
 class SVGFilterElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <filter> element.
 class SVGGElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <g> element.
 class SVGImageElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <image> element.
 class SVGLinearGradientElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <linearGradient> element.
 class SVGLineElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <line> element.
 class SVGMarkerElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <marker> element.
 class SVGMaskElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <mask> element.
 class SVGPathElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <path> element.
 class SVGPatternElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <pattern> element.
 class SVGPolygonElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <polygon> element.
 class SVGPolylineElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <polyline> element.
 class SVGRadialGradientElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <radialGradient> element.
 class SVGRectElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <rect> element.
 class SVGSetElementBridge
          A bridge class for the 'set' animation element.
 class SVGShapeElementBridge
          The base bridge class for shapes.
 class SVGSVGElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <svg> element.
 class SVGSwitchElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <switch> element.
 class SVGTextElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <text> element.
protected  class SVGTextElementBridge.AbstractTextChildBridgeUpdateHandler
          Implementation for the BridgeUpdateHandler for the child elements of <text>.
 class SVGTextElementBridge.AbstractTextChildSVGContext
          Implementation of SVGContext for the children of <text>
protected  class SVGTextElementBridge.AbstractTextChildTextContent
protected  class SVGTextElementBridge.TextPathBridge
          BridgeUpdateHandle for <textPath> element.
protected  class SVGTextElementBridge.TRefBridge
          BridgeUpdateHandle for <tref> element.
protected  class SVGTextElementBridge.TspanBridge
          BridgeUpdateHandle for <tspan> element.
 class SVGTextPathElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <textPath> element.
 class SVGTitleElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <title> element.
 class SVGUseElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <use> element.

Methods in org.apache.batik.bridge that return SVGContext
protected static SVGContext BridgeContext.getSVGContext(Node node)
          Returns the SVGContext associated to the specified Node or null if there is none.

Uses of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12

Classes in org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12 that implement SVGContext
 class BindableElementBridge
          Bridge class for foreign namespace elements that can be bound with sXBL.
 class SVG12TextElementBridge
          Bridge class for SVG 'text' elements with support for text content that has been specified with XBL.
 class SVGFlowRootElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <flowRoot> element.
protected  class SVGFlowRootElementBridge.FlowContentBridge
          Bridge class for flow text children that contain text.
 class SVGMultiImageElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <multiImage> element.
 class SVGSolidColorElementBridge
          Bridge class for a regular polygon element.
 class XBLContentElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <xbl:content> element.
 class XBLShadowTreeElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <xbl:shadowTree> element.

Uses of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Subinterfaces of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.dom.svg
 interface SVGAnimationContext
          Context class for SVG animation elements to support extra methods.
 interface SVGPathContext
          Context class for the SVG path element to support extra methods.
 interface SVGSVGContext
          Context class for svg:svg elements.

Uses of SVGContext in org.apache.batik.extension.svg

Classes in org.apache.batik.extension.svg that implement SVGContext
 class BatikFlowTextElementBridge
          Bridge class for the <flowText> element.
protected  class BatikFlowTextElementBridge.BatikFlowContentBridge
          Bridge class for flow text children that contain text.
 class BatikHistogramNormalizationElementBridge
          Bridge class for a histogram normalization element.
 class BatikRegularPolygonElementBridge
          Bridge class for a regular polygon element.
 class BatikStarElementBridge
          Bridge class for a star element.

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