Package org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12

Interface Summary
AbstractContentSelector.ContentSelectorFactory An interface for content selector factories.
BindingListener The interface for listening to binding changes on bindable elements.
ContentSelectionChangedListener The interface for listening to changes in selected nodes on an xbl:content element.
SVG12BridgeUpdateHandler A BridgeUpdateHandler interface for SVG 1.2 specific events.

Class Summary
AbstractContentSelector A base class for handlers of different XBL content element includes attribute syntaxes.
AbstractContentSelector.XPathPatternContentSelectorFactory A factory for XPathPatternContentSelector objects.
AbstractContentSelector.XPathSubsetContentSelectorFactory A factory for XPathSubsetContentSelector objects.
BindableElementBridge Bridge class for foreign namespace elements that can be bound with sXBL.
ContentManager A class to manage all XBL content elements in a shadow tree.
ContentSelectionChangedEvent An event to signify a change to the list of selected nodes for an xbl;content element.
DefaultContentSelector A class to handle content selection when the includes attribute is not present.
DefaultXBLManager A full featured sXBL manager.
SVG12BridgeContext Bridge context for SVG 1.2 documents.
SVG12BridgeContext.ImplementationEventListenerMememto A class used to store an implementation EventListener added to the DOM.
SVG12BridgeEventSupport This class is responsible for tracking GraphicsNodeMouseEvents and forwarding them to the DOM as regular DOM MouseEvents.
SVG12BridgeEventSupport.Listener A GraphicsNodeMouseListener that dispatch DOM events accordingly.
SVG12BridgeExtension This is a Service interface for classes that want to extend the functionality of the Bridge, to support new tags in the rendering tree.
SVG12FocusManager Focus manager for SVG 1.2 documents.
SVG12ScriptingEnvironment Manages scripting handlers for SVG 1.2 'handler' elements.
SVG12TextElementBridge Bridge class for SVG 'text' elements with support for text content that has been specified with XBL.
SVG12URIResolver A URIResolver for SVG 1.2 documents.
SVGFlowRootElementBridge Bridge class for the <flowRoot> element.
SVGMultiImageElementBridge Bridge class for the <multiImage> element.
SVGMultiImageElementBridge.MultiImageElementViewport A viewport defined an <svg> element.
SVGSolidColorElementBridge Bridge class for a regular polygon element.
XBLContentElementBridge Bridge class for the <xbl:content> element.
XBLShadowTreeElementBridge Bridge class for the <xbl:shadowTree> element.
XPathPatternContentSelector A class to handle the XPath Pattern syntax for XBL content elements.
XPathSubsetContentSelector A class to handle the XPath subset syntax for XBL content elements.
XPathSubsetContentSelector.Scanner A scanner for XPath subset selectors.

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