Class SVG12URIResolver

  extended by org.apache.batik.bridge.URIResolver
      extended by org.apache.batik.bridge.svg12.SVG12URIResolver

public class SVG12URIResolver
extends URIResolver

A URIResolver for SVG 1.2 documents. This is to allow resolution of fragment IDs within shadow trees to work properly.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.batik.bridge.URIResolver
document, documentLoader, documentURI
Constructor Summary
SVG12URIResolver(org.w3c.dom.svg.SVGDocument doc, DocumentLoader dl)
          Creates a new SVG12URIResolver object.
Method Summary
protected  Node getNodeByFragment(String frag, Element ref)
          Returns the node referenced by the given fragment identifier.
protected  String getRefererBaseURI(Element ref)
          Returns the base URI of the referer element.
Methods inherited from class org.apache.batik.bridge.URIResolver
getElement, getNode
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Constructor Detail


public SVG12URIResolver(org.w3c.dom.svg.SVGDocument doc,
                        DocumentLoader dl)
Creates a new SVG12URIResolver object.

Method Detail


protected String getRefererBaseURI(Element ref)
Returns the base URI of the referer element.

getRefererBaseURI in class URIResolver


protected Node getNodeByFragment(String frag,
                                 Element ref)
Returns the node referenced by the given fragment identifier. This is called when the whole URI just contains a fragment identifier and there is no XML Base URI in effect.

getNodeByFragment in class URIResolver
frag - the URI fragment
ref - the context element from which to resolve the URI fragment

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