Package org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Interface Summary
ExtendedTraitAccess Interface for SVG DOM classes to expose information about the traits (XML attributes and CSS properties) their elements support.
IdContainer An interface for DOM nodes that can look up elements with IDs.
ListHandler Interface that defines the functionnality of a list handler for the parser of attributes that are list.
LiveAttributeValue This interface should be implemented by all the attribute values objects that must be updated when the attribute node is modified.
SVGAnimationContext Context class for SVG animation elements to support extra methods.
SVGContext This interface is the placeholder for SVG application informations.
SVGDocumentFactory This interface represents an object which can build a SVGDocument.
SVGItem This interface represents an item in an SVGXXXList.
SVGMotionAnimatableElement An interface for SVG elements that can be animated with 'animateMotion'.
SVGPathContext Context class for the SVG path element to support extra methods.
SVGPathSegConstants Constants for the SVGPathSeg interface.
SVGSVGContext Context class for svg:svg elements.
SVGTextContent This class provides the interface for the SVGTextContentElement for the bridge to implement.
TraitAccess Interface for accessing traits on an element.

Class Summary
AbstractSVGItem Adapter for the SVGItem interface.
AbstractSVGList This class is a base implementation for a live list representation of SVG attributes.
AbstractSVGMatrix This class provides an abstract implementation of the SVGMatrix interface.
AbstractSVGNormPathSegList This class is the implementation of the normalized SVGPathSegList.
AbstractSVGNumber Implementation of SVGNumber.
AbstractSVGNumberList This class is the implementation of SVGNumberList.
AbstractSVGPathSegList This class is the implementation of SVGPathSegList.
AbstractSVGPointList Abstract implementation of SVGPointList.
AbstractSVGPreserveAspectRatio Abstract implementation for SVGPreservAspectRatio This is the base implementation for SVGPreservAspectRatio
AbstractSVGTransform Abstract implementation of SVGTransform.
AbstractSVGTransformList This class is the implementation of SVGTransformList.
ListBuilder A class for receiving notification of parsed list items.
SVGAnimatedPathDataSupport This class provide support for the SVGAnimatedPathData interface.
SVGNumberItem Representation of the item SVGNumber.
SVGOMAngle Implementation of an SVGAngle not associated with any attribute.
SVGOMEvent This class provides an implementation of the SVGEvent interface.
SVGOMMatrix This class provides an implementation of the SVGMatrix interface.
SVGOMPoint An implementation of SVGPoint that is not associated with any attribute.
SVGOMRect An implementation of SVGRect that is not associated with an attribute.
SVGOMTransform This class is the implementation of the SVGTransform interface.
SVGOMUseShadowRoot This class implements DocumentFragment interface.
SVGPathSegItem Internal representation of the item SVGPathSeg.
SVGPointItem An SVGPoint in the list.
SVGTestsSupport This class provides support for SVGTests features.
SVGZoomAndPanSupport This class provides support for SVGZoomAndPan features.

Exception Summary
LiveAttributeException Thrown when a live attribute cannot parse an attribute's value.
SVGOMException An implementation of the SVGException class.

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