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org.apache.batik.util Provides some useful classes. 

Uses of DoublyLinkedList.Node in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.rendered

Subclasses of DoublyLinkedList.Node in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.rendered
 class LRUCache.LRUNode
          Interface for nodes in the LRU cache, basicly nodes in a doubly linked list.

Uses of DoublyLinkedList.Node in org.apache.batik.util

Subclasses of DoublyLinkedList.Node in org.apache.batik.util
protected static class RunnableQueue.Link
          To store a Runnable.
protected static class RunnableQueue.LockableLink
          To store a Runnable with an object waiting for him to be executed.

Methods in org.apache.batik.util that return DoublyLinkedList.Node
 DoublyLinkedList.Node DoublyLinkedList.getHead()
          Get the current head element
 DoublyLinkedList.Node DoublyLinkedList.Node.getNext()
 DoublyLinkedList.Node DoublyLinkedList.Node.getPrev()
 DoublyLinkedList.Node DoublyLinkedList.getTail()
          Get the current tail element
 DoublyLinkedList.Node DoublyLinkedList.pop()
          Removes 'head' from list and returns it.
 DoublyLinkedList.Node DoublyLinkedList.unpush()
          Removes 'tail' from list and returns it.

Methods in org.apache.batik.util with parameters of type DoublyLinkedList.Node
 void DoublyLinkedList.add(DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
          Adds nde to the head of the list.
 void DoublyLinkedList.add(int index, DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
protected  void DoublyLinkedList.Node.insertBefore(DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
          Link this node in, infront of nde (unlinks it's self before hand if needed).
 void DoublyLinkedList.push(DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
          Adds nde to tail of list
 void DoublyLinkedList.remove(DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
          Removes nde from the list it is part of (should be this one, otherwise results are undefined).
protected  void DoublyLinkedList.Node.setNext(DoublyLinkedList.Node newNext)
protected  void DoublyLinkedList.Node.setPrev(DoublyLinkedList.Node newPrev)
 void DoublyLinkedList.touch(DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
          Moves nde to the head of the list (equivilent to remove(nde); add(nde); but faster.
 void DoublyLinkedList.unpop(DoublyLinkedList.Node nde)
          Adds nde to head of list

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