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Packages that use SVGUserAgent

Uses of SVGUserAgent in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser

Classes in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser that implement SVGUserAgent
protected  class JSVGViewerFrame.UserAgent
          This class implements a SVG user agent.

Fields in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser declared as SVGUserAgent
protected  SVGUserAgent JSVGViewerFrame.userAgent
          The SVG user agent.

Constructors in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser with parameters of type SVGUserAgent
JSVGViewerFrame.Canvas(SVGUserAgent ua, boolean eventsEnabled, boolean selectableText)
          Creates a new Canvas.

Uses of SVGUserAgent in org.apache.batik.swing

Constructors in org.apache.batik.swing with parameters of type SVGUserAgent
JSVGCanvas(SVGUserAgent ua, boolean eventsEnabled, boolean selectableText)
          Creates a new JSVGCanvas.

Uses of SVGUserAgent in org.apache.batik.swing.svg

Classes in org.apache.batik.swing.svg that implement SVGUserAgent
 class SVGUserAgentAdapter
          This Implements the SVGUserAgent interface to provide a very simple version of client services to the JSVGComponent.
 class SVGUserAgentGUIAdapter
          One line Class Desc Methods users may want to implement: displayMessage

Fields in org.apache.batik.swing.svg declared as SVGUserAgent
protected  SVGUserAgent JSVGComponent.svgUserAgent
          The SVG user agent.

Constructors in org.apache.batik.swing.svg with parameters of type SVGUserAgent
JSVGComponent(SVGUserAgent ua, boolean eventsEnabled, boolean selectableText)
          Creates a new JSVGComponent.

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