Package org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser

Interface Summary
Application This interface represents a SVG viewer application.
DOMDocumentTree.DOMDocumentTreeListener The DOMDocumentTreeListener.
DOMDocumentTreeController Provides the information to control the DOMDocumentTree behaviour.
DOMViewerController Provides the information needed for the DOMViewer to show and edit the document.
ElementOverlayController Provides the information to control the ElementOverlay.
HistoryBrowser.CommandController Wrapps the command's execute, undo and redo methods.
HistoryBrowser.HistoryBrowserListener The HistoryBrowserListener.
Main.OptionHandler This interface represents an option handler.
NodePickerController Provides the information to control the NodePickerPanel behaviour.
NodePickerPanel.NodePickerListener Node picker listener.
ResourceOrigin This interface defines constants for the possible resource origins.
SquiggleInputHandler This is the interface expected from classes which can handle specific types of input for the Squiggle SVG browser.
UndoableCommand The undoable/redoable command.

Class Summary
AboutDialog A dialog showing the revision of the Batik viewer as well as the list of contributors.
AbstractCompoundCommand Abstract compound command.
AbstractUndoableCommand Represents abstract undoable/redoable command.
DOMDocumentTree A swing tree to represent DOM Document.
DOMDocumentTree.DOMDocumentTreeAdapter The adapter for the DOMDocumentTreeListener.
DOMDocumentTree.DOMDocumentTreeEvent Event to pass to listener.
DOMDocumentTree.DropCompletedInfo Contains the info for the 'dropCompleted' Event.
DOMDocumentTree.TransferableTreeNode Transferable tree node.
DOMDocumentTree.TransferData The data being transfered on dnd.
DOMViewer The components of this class are used to view a DOM tree.
DOMViewer.ContentNodeInfo To store the node information for an xbl:content node's selected content.
DOMViewer.NodeInfo To store the nodes informations
DOMViewer.ShadowNodeInfo To store the node information for a shadow tree.
DropDownHistoryModel The history scrollable popup menu model.
DropDownHistoryModel.RedoPopUpMenuModel The redo pop up menu model.
DropDownHistoryModel.UndoPopUpMenuModel The undo pop up menu model.
ElementOverlayManager Manages element overlay on the canvas.
FindDialog This class represents a Dialog that lets the user searching for text inside an SVG document.
HistoryBrowser History browser.
HistoryBrowser.CommandNamesInfo Contains the info on the command name being executed, undone or redone and last undoable and redoable command names.
HistoryBrowser.DocumentCommandController Lets the DOMViewerController wrap the commands.
HistoryBrowser.HistoryBrowserAdapter The adapter to provide the default behavior.
HistoryBrowser.HistoryBrowserEvent Event to pass to listener.
HistoryBrowserInterface The wrapper for the history browser.
HistoryBrowserInterface.AppendChildCommand The AppendChild command.
HistoryBrowserInterface.AttributeAddedCommand Adds the attribute to an element (MutationEvent.ADDITION)
HistoryBrowserInterface.AttributeModifiedCommand Modifies the attribute of an element (MutationEvent.MODIFICATION)
HistoryBrowserInterface.AttributeRemovedCommand Removes the attribute of an element (MutationEvent.REMOVAL)
HistoryBrowserInterface.ChangeNodeValueCommand The Change Node Value command.
HistoryBrowserInterface.CharDataModifiedCommand Sets the node value.
HistoryBrowserInterface.CompoundUpdateCommand The compound command.
HistoryBrowserInterface.InsertNodeBeforeCommand Inserts the given node as a child to the given parent node before the specified sibling node, or as the last child of the given parent, if the sibling node is null.
HistoryBrowserInterface.NodeInsertedCommand Inserts the given node as a child of another.
HistoryBrowserInterface.NodeRemovedCommand Removes the node from its parent node.
HistoryBrowserInterface.RemoveChildCommand The RemoveChild command.
HistoryBrowserInterface.ReplaceChildCommand insertBefore
JAuthenticator This class is resposible for providing authentication information when needed by network protocols.
JPEGOptionPanel This class represents a panel to control jpeg encoding quality.
JSVGViewerFrame This class represents a SVG viewer swing frame.
JSVGViewerFrame.Debugger Rhino debugger class.
JSVGViewerFrame.ImageFileFilter A FileFilter used when exporting the SVG document as an image.
LocalHistory This class represents an history of the files visited by a single browser frame.
Main This class contains the main method of an SVG viewer.
NodePickerPanel Used to preview and edit nodes.
NodePickerPanel.AttributesTableModel The attributesTable model.
NodePickerPanel.NameEditorDialog Dialog for choosing element name.
NodePickerPanel.NodePickerAdapter The adapter for the NodePicker listener.
NodePickerPanel.NodePickerEvent Event to pass to listener.
NodeTemplates Provides basic xml representation and description for most commonly used nodes.
NodeTemplates.NodeTemplateDescriptor Wrapper for a node template.
OptionPanel This class represents a panel to present users with options.
OptionPanel.Dialog This class is modal dialog to choose the jpeg encoding quality.
PNGOptionPanel This class represents a panel to choose the color model of the PNG, i.e.
PreferenceDialog Dialog that displays user preferences.
Resources This class manages the message for the Swing extensions.
SquiggleInputHandlerFilter This class filters file for a given SquiggleInputHandler
StatusBar This class represents a viewer status bar.
SVGInputHandler This implementation of the SquiggleInputHandler class simply displays an SVG file into the JSVGCanvas.
SVGOptionPanel This class represents a panel to control svg encoding options.
ThumbnailDialog This class represents a Dialog that displays a Thumbnail of the current SVG document.
TransformHistory This class implements a transform history mechanism.
XMLInputHandler A SquiggleInputHandler that handles XSLT transformable XML documents.
XMLPreferenceManager An extension of PreferenceManager which store the preference in XML.

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