Package org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.spi

Interface Summary
ErrorConstants The built in error codes.
ImageWriter Interface which allows image library independent image writing.
RegistryEntry The base interface for all image tag registry entries.
StreamRegistryEntry This type of Image tag registy entry is used for most normal image file formats.
URLRegistryEntry This type of Image tag registy entry is used for 'odd' URL types.

Class Summary
BrokenLinkProvider This interface is to be used to provide alternate ways of generating a placeholder image when the ImageTagRegistry fails to handle a given reference.
ImageTagRegistry This class handles the registered Image tag handlers.
ImageWriterParams Parameters for the encoder which is accessed through the ImageWriter interface.
JDKRegistryEntry This Image tag registy entry is setup to wrap the core JDK Image stream tools.
MagicNumberRegistryEntry This Image tag registry entry is built around the notion of magic numbers.
MagicNumberRegistryEntry.MagicNumber Inner class that represents one magic number.

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