Class PadRed

  extended by org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.rendered.AbstractRed
      extended by org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.rendered.PadRed
All Implemented Interfaces:
RenderedImage, CachableRed

public class PadRed
extends AbstractRed

This is an implementation of a Pad operation as a RenderedImage.

Nested Class Summary
protected static class PadRed.ZeroRecter
protected static class PadRed.ZeroRecter_INT_PACK
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.rendered.AbstractRed
bounds, cm, minTileX, minTileY, numXTiles, numYTiles, props, sm, srcs, tileGridXOff, tileGridYOff, tileHeight, tileWidth
Constructor Summary
PadRed(CachableRed src, Rectangle bounds, PadMode padMode, RenderingHints hints)
          Construct A Rendered Pad operation.
Method Summary
 WritableRaster copyData(WritableRaster wr)
protected static SampleModel fixSampleModel(CachableRed src, Rectangle bounds)
          This function 'fixes' the source's sample model.
protected  void handleReplicate(WritableRaster wr)
protected  void handleWrap(WritableRaster wr)
protected  void handleZero(WritableRaster wr)
Methods inherited from class org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.rendered.AbstractRed
copyBand, copyToRaster, getBounds, getColorModel, getData, getData, getDependencyRegion, getDirtyRegion, getHeight, getMinTileX, getMinTileY, getMinX, getMinY, getNumXTiles, getNumYTiles, getProperty, getPropertyNames, getSampleModel, getSources, getTile, getTileGridXOffset, getTileGridYOffset, getTileHeight, getTileWidth, getWidth, getXTile, getYTile, init, init, makeTile, updateTileGridInfo
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Constructor Detail


public PadRed(CachableRed src,
              Rectangle bounds,
              PadMode padMode,
              RenderingHints hints)
Construct A Rendered Pad operation. If the pad is smaller than the original image size then this devolves to a Crop.

src - The image to pad/crop
bounds - The bounds of the result (same coord system as src).
padMode - The pad mode to use (currently ignored).
hints - The hints to use for drawing 'pad' area.
Method Detail


public WritableRaster copyData(WritableRaster wr)


protected void handleZero(WritableRaster wr)


protected void handleReplicate(WritableRaster wr)


protected void handleWrap(WritableRaster wr)


protected static SampleModel fixSampleModel(CachableRed src,
                                            Rectangle bounds)
This function 'fixes' the source's sample model. right now it just ensures that the sample model isn't much larger than my width.

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