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Uses of AbstractColorInterpolationRable in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable

Subclasses of AbstractColorInterpolationRable in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable
 class ColorMatrixRable8Bit
          Implements the interface expected from a color matrix operation
 class ComponentTransferRable8Bit
          This class implements the interface expected from a component transfer operation.
 class CompositeRable8Bit
          Composites a list of images according to a single composite rule.
 class ConvolveMatrixRable8Bit
          Convolves an image with a convolution matrix.
 class DiffuseLightingRable8Bit
          Implementation of the DiffuseLightRable interface.
 class DisplacementMapRable8Bit
          Implements a DisplacementMap operation, which takes pixel values from another image to spatially displace the input image
 class GaussianBlurRable8Bit
          GaussianBlurRable implementation
 class SpecularLightingRable8Bit
          Implementation of the SpecularLightRable interface.
 class TileRable8Bit
          8 bit TileRable implementation
 class TurbulenceRable8Bit
          Creates a sourceless image from a turbulence function.

Uses of AbstractColorInterpolationRable in org.apache.batik.extension.svg

Subclasses of AbstractColorInterpolationRable in org.apache.batik.extension.svg
 class BatikHistogramNormalizationFilter8Bit

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