Class FloodRable8Bit

  extended by org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable.AbstractRable
      extended by org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable.FloodRable8Bit
All Implemented Interfaces:
RenderableImage, Filter, FloodRable

public class FloodRable8Bit
extends AbstractRable
implements FloodRable

Concrete implementation of the FloodRable interface. This fills the input image with a given flood paint

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable.AbstractRable
props, srcs, stamp
Fields inherited from interface java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImage
Constructor Summary
FloodRable8Bit(Rectangle2D floodRegion, Paint floodPaint)
Method Summary
 RenderedImage createRendering(RenderContext rc)
          Create a RenderedImage that is filled with the current flood fill paint
 Rectangle2D getBounds2D()
          Returns the bounds of the current image.
 Paint getFloodPaint()
          Get the flood fill paint.
 Rectangle2D getFloodRegion()
          Returns the flood region
 void setFloodPaint(Paint paint)
          Set the flood fill paint
 void setFloodRegion(Rectangle2D floodRegion)
          Sets the flood region
Methods inherited from class org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable.AbstractRable
createDefaultRendering, createScaledRendering, getDependencyRegion, getDirtyRegion, getHeight, getMinX, getMinY, getProperty, getPropertyNames, getSources, getTimeStamp, getWidth, init, init, init, init, isDynamic, touch
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.renderable.Filter
getDependencyRegion, getDirtyRegion, getTimeStamp
Methods inherited from interface java.awt.image.renderable.RenderableImage
createDefaultRendering, createScaledRendering, getHeight, getMinX, getMinY, getProperty, getPropertyNames, getSources, getWidth, isDynamic

Constructor Detail


public FloodRable8Bit(Rectangle2D floodRegion,
                      Paint floodPaint)
floodRegion - region to be filled with floodPaint
floodPaint - paint to use to flood the floodRegion
Method Detail


public void setFloodPaint(Paint paint)
Set the flood fill paint

Specified by:
setFloodPaint in interface FloodRable
paint - The paint to use when flood filling the input image


public Paint getFloodPaint()
Get the flood fill paint.

Specified by:
getFloodPaint in interface FloodRable
the paint used to flood fill the input image


public Rectangle2D getBounds2D()
Description copied from interface: Filter
Returns the bounds of the current image. This should be 'in sync' with getMinX, getMinY, getWidth, getHeight

Specified by:
getBounds2D in interface Filter
getBounds2D in class AbstractRable


public Rectangle2D getFloodRegion()
Returns the flood region

Specified by:
getFloodRegion in interface FloodRable


public void setFloodRegion(Rectangle2D floodRegion)
Sets the flood region

Specified by:
setFloodRegion in interface FloodRable
floodRegion - region to flood with floodPaint


public RenderedImage createRendering(RenderContext rc)
Create a RenderedImage that is filled with the current flood fill paint

Specified by:
createRendering in interface RenderableImage
rc - The current render context
A RenderedImage with the flood fill

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