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Uses of AbstractSVGList in org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Subclasses of AbstractSVGList in org.apache.batik.dom.svg
 class AbstractSVGLengthList
          This class is the implementation of SVGLengthList.
 class AbstractSVGNormPathSegList
          This class is the implementation of the normalized SVGPathSegList.
 class AbstractSVGNumberList
          This class is the implementation of SVGNumberList.
 class AbstractSVGPathSegList
          This class is the implementation of SVGPathSegList.
 class AbstractSVGPointList
          Abstract implementation of SVGPointList.
 class AbstractSVGTransformList
          This class is the implementation of SVGTransformList.
protected  class SVGOMAnimatedLengthList.AnimSVGLengthList
          SVGLengthList implementation for the animated length list value.
 class SVGOMAnimatedLengthList.BaseSVGLengthList
          SVGLengthList implementation for the base length list value.
protected  class SVGOMAnimatedNumberList.AnimSVGNumberList
          SVGNumberList implementation for the animated number list value.
 class SVGOMAnimatedNumberList.BaseSVGNumberList
          SVGNumberList implementation for the base number list value.
 class SVGOMAnimatedPathData.AnimSVGPathSegList
          SVGPathSegList implementation for the animated path data value.
 class SVGOMAnimatedPathData.BaseSVGPathSegList
          SVGPathSegList implementation for the base path data value.
 class SVGOMAnimatedPathData.NormalizedBaseSVGPathSegList
          SVGPathSegList implementation for the normalized version of the base path data value.
protected  class SVGOMAnimatedPoints.AnimSVGPointList
          SVGPointList implementation for the animated point list value.
protected  class SVGOMAnimatedPoints.BaseSVGPointList
          SVGPointList implementation for the base point list value.
protected  class SVGOMAnimatedTransformList.AnimSVGTransformList
          SVGTransformList implementation for the animated transform list value.
 class SVGOMAnimatedTransformList.BaseSVGTransformList
          SVGTransformList implementation for the base transform list value.

Fields in org.apache.batik.dom.svg declared as AbstractSVGList
protected  AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGTransformList.SVGTransformItem.parent
          List the item belongs to.
protected  AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGItem.parent
          List the item belongs to.
protected  AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGNumberList.SVGNumberItem.parentList
          The SVGNumberList this item belongs to.
protected  AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGLengthList.SVGLengthItem.parentList
          List the item belongs to.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom.svg that return AbstractSVGList
 AbstractSVGList SVGItem.getParent()
          Return the list the item belongs to.
 AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGTransformList.SVGTransformItem.getParent()
          Returns the parent list of this item.
 AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGNumberList.SVGNumberItem.getParent()
          Returns the list the item belongs to.
 AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGLengthList.SVGLengthItem.getParent()
          Returns the parent list of this item.
 AbstractSVGList AbstractSVGItem.getParent()
          Returns the parent list of this item.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom.svg with parameters of type AbstractSVGList
 void SVGItem.setParent(AbstractSVGList list)
          Associates an item to an SVGXXXList
 void AbstractSVGTransformList.SVGTransformItem.setParent(AbstractSVGList list)
          Assigns a parent list to this item.
 void AbstractSVGNumberList.SVGNumberItem.setParent(AbstractSVGList list)
          Associates this item to the given SVGNumberList.
 void AbstractSVGLengthList.SVGLengthItem.setParent(AbstractSVGList list)
          Assigns a parent list to this item.
 void AbstractSVGItem.setParent(AbstractSVGList list)
          Assigns a parent list to this item.

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