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Uses of AbstractUndoableCommand in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser

Subclasses of AbstractUndoableCommand in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser
 class AbstractCompoundCommand
          Abstract compound command.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.AppendChildCommand
          The AppendChild command.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.AttributeAddedCommand
          Adds the attribute to an element (MutationEvent.ADDITION)
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.AttributeModifiedCommand
          Modifies the attribute of an element (MutationEvent.MODIFICATION)
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.AttributeRemovedCommand
          Removes the attribute of an element (MutationEvent.REMOVAL)
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.ChangeNodeValueCommand
          The Change Node Value command.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.CharDataModifiedCommand
          Sets the node value.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.CompoundUpdateCommand
          The compound command.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.InsertNodeBeforeCommand
          Inserts the given node as a child to the given parent node before the specified sibling node, or as the last child of the given parent, if the sibling node is null.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.NodeInsertedCommand
          Inserts the given node as a child of another.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.NodeRemovedCommand
          Removes the node from its parent node.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.RemoveChildCommand
          The RemoveChild command.
static class HistoryBrowserInterface.ReplaceChildCommand

Methods in org.apache.batik.apps.svgbrowser with parameters of type AbstractUndoableCommand
 void HistoryBrowserInterface.addToCurrentCompoundCommand(AbstractUndoableCommand cmd)
          Adds the given command to current compound command.

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