Package org.apache.batik.apps.rasterizer

Interface Summary
Main.OptionHandler Interface for handling one command line option
SVGConverterController Interface for controlling some aspectes of the SVGConverter operation.
SVGConverterSource Interface used to handle both Files and URLs in the SVGConverter

Class Summary
DefaultSVGConverterController Default controller for the SVGConverter operation.
DestinationType Describes the type of destination for an SVGConverter operation.
Main Handles command line parameters to configure the SVGConverter and rasterizer images.
Main.AbstractOptionHandler This abstract implementation of the OptionHandler interface throws an exception if the number of arguments passed to the handleOption method does not match the number of expected optionValues.
Main.ColorOptionHandler Base class for options which expect a Color optionValue.
Main.FloatOptionHandler Base class for options which expect the single optionValue to be a float.
Main.NoValueOptionHandler Base class for options with no option value (i.e., the presence of the option means something in itself.
Main.RectangleOptionHandler Base class for options which expect a Rectangle optionValue.
Main.SingleValueOptionHandler Base class for options with a single option value.
Main.TimeOptionHandler Base class for options which expect the single optionValue to be a time value.
Messages This class manages the message for the bridge module.
SVGConverter This application can be used to convert SVG images to raster images.
SVGConverter.SVGFileFilter Convenience class to filter svg files
SVGConverterFileSource Describes a file source for the SVGConverter

Exception Summary
SVGConverterException Describes an error condition in SVGConverter

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