Class Main.AbstractOptionHandler

  extended by org.apache.batik.apps.rasterizer.Main.AbstractOptionHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
Main.NoValueOptionHandler, Main.SingleValueOptionHandler
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class Main.AbstractOptionHandler
extends Object
implements Main.OptionHandler

This abstract implementation of the OptionHandler interface throws an exception if the number of arguments passed to the handleOption method does not match the number of expected optionValues. If the size matches, the safeHandleOption method is invoked. Subclasses can implement the safeHandleOption method assuming that the input array size is correct.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void handleOption(String[] optionValues, SVGConverter c)
          The OptionHandler should configure the SVGConverter according to the value of the option.
abstract  void safeHandleOption(String[] optionValues, SVGConverter c)
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Constructor Detail


public Main.AbstractOptionHandler()
Method Detail


public void handleOption(String[] optionValues,
                         SVGConverter c)
Description copied from interface: Main.OptionHandler
The OptionHandler should configure the SVGConverter according to the value of the option. Should throw an IllegalArgumentException if optionValue is not an acceptable option.

Specified by:
handleOption in interface Main.OptionHandler


public abstract void safeHandleOption(String[] optionValues,
                                      SVGConverter c)

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