Package org.apache.batik.gvt.text

Interface Summary
GVTAttributedCharacterIterator GVTAttributedCharacterIterator Used to implement SVG <tspan> and <text> attributes.
GVTAttributedCharacterIterator.AttributeFilter Interface for helper class which mutates the attributes of an AttributedCharacterIterator.
Mark Marker interface, mostly, that encapsulates information about a selection gesture.
TextLayoutFactory Interface implemented by factory instances that can return TextSpanLayouts appropriate to AttributedCharacterIterator instances.
TextSpanLayout Class that performs layout of attributed text strings into glyph sets paintable by TextPainter instances.

Class Summary
ArabicTextHandler Handles the processing of arabic text.
AttributedCharacterSpanIterator AttributedCharacterSpanIterator Used to provide ACI functionality to a "substring" of an AttributedString.
BidiAttributedCharacterIterator An attributed character iterator that does the reordering of the characters for bidirectional text.
ConcreteTextLayoutFactory Factory instance that returns TextSpanLayouts appropriate to AttributedCharacterIterator instances.
ConcreteTextSelector A simple implementation of GraphicsNodeMouseListener for text selection.
GlyphLayout Implementation of TextSpanLayout which uses java.awt.font.GlyphVector.
GVTACIImpl GVTACIImpl Used to implement SVG <tspan> and <text> attributes.
GVTAttributedCharacterIterator.TextAttribute Attribute keys that identify SVG text attributes.
TextHit Class that encapsulates information returned from hit testing a TextSpanLayout instance.
TextPaintInfo One line Class Desc Complete Class Desc
TextPath A text path describes a path along which some text will be rendered.

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