Deprecated API

Deprecated Classes
          use the version from XML Graphics Commons instead 
          jan '07 : this class is not used anywhere in Batik, it might be removed in the future. Probably WMFRecordStore is what you need. 

Deprecated Fields
          As of Batik Version 1.5b3 

Deprecated Methods
org.apache.batik.bridge.ViewBox.getPreserveAspectRatioTransform(Element, float, float)
          Replaced by ViewBox.getPreserveAspectRatioTransform(Element,float,float,BridgeContext), which has more accurate error reporting. 

Deprecated Constructors
org.apache.batik.util.ApplicationSecurityEnforcer(Class, String, String)
          This constructor is now deprecated. Use the two argument constructor instead as this version will be removed after the 1.5beta4 release. 

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