Package org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Interface Summary
AnimatedAttributeListener An interface to listen for changes on any animatable XML attribute in an SVGOMDocument.
AnimatedLiveAttributeValue An interface for LiveAttributeValues that have an animated value component.
ExtendedTraitAccess Interface for SVG DOM classes to expose information about the traits (XML attributes and CSS properties) their elements support.
IdContainer An interface for DOM nodes that can look up elements with IDs.
ListHandler Interface that defines the functionnality of a list handler for the parser of attributes that are list.
LiveAttributeValue This interface should be implemented by all the attribute values objects that must be updated when the attribute node is modified.
SVGAnimationContext Context class for SVG animation elements to support extra methods.
SVGAnimationTargetContext Context interface for elements that can be the target of animations.
SVGContext This interface is the placeholder for SVG application informations.
SVGDocumentFactory This interface represents an object which can build a SVGDocument.
SVGItem This interface represents an item in an SVGXXXList.
SVGMotionAnimatableElement An interface for SVG elements that can be animated with 'animateMotion'.
SVGPathContext Context class for the SVG path element to support extra methods.
SVGPathSegConstants Constants for the SVGPathSeg interface.
SVGSVGContext Context class for svg:svg elements.
SVGTextContent This class provides the interface for the SVGTextContentElement for the bridge to implement.
TraitAccess Interface for accessing traits on an element.

Class Summary
AbstractElement This class provides a superclass to implement an SVG element, or an element interoperable with the SVG elements.
AbstractSVGAnimatedLength This class provides an implementation of the SVGAnimatedLength interface.
AbstractSVGAnimatedValue An abstract base class for the SVGAnimated* classes, that implements an AnimatedAttributeListener list.
AbstractSVGItem Adapter for the SVGItem interface.
AbstractSVGLength Default implementation for SVGLength.
AbstractSVGLengthList This class is the implementation of SVGLengthList.
AbstractSVGList This class is a base implementation for a live list representation of SVG attributes.
AbstractSVGMatrix This class provides an abstract implementation of the SVGMatrix interface.
AbstractSVGNormPathSegList This class is the implementation of the normalized SVGPathSegList.
AbstractSVGNumber Implementation of SVGNumber.
AbstractSVGNumberList This class is the implementation of SVGNumberList.
AbstractSVGPathSegList This class is the implementation of SVGPathSegList.
AbstractSVGPointList Abstract implementation of SVGPointList.
AbstractSVGPreserveAspectRatio Abstract implementation for SVGPreservAspectRatio This is the base implementation for SVGPreservAspectRatio
AbstractSVGTransform Abstract implementation of SVGTransform.
AbstractSVGTransformList This class is the implementation of SVGTransformList.
AttributeInitializer This class is used by elements to initialize and reset their attributes.
SAXSVGDocumentFactory This class contains methods for creating SVGDocument instances from an URI using SAX2.
SVGAnimatedPathDataSupport This class provide support for the SVGAnimatedPathData interface.
SVGDescriptiveElement This class provides a common superclass for elements which contain descriptive text.
SVGDOMImplementation This class implements the DOMImplementation interface.
SVGDOMImplementation.AElementFactory To create a 'a' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AltGlyphDefElementFactory To create a 'altGlyphDef' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AltGlyphElementFactory To create a 'altGlyph' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AltGlyphItemElementFactory To create a 'altGlyphItem' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AnimateColorElementFactory To create a 'animateColor' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AnimateElementFactory To create a 'animate' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AnimateMotionElementFactory To create a 'animateMotion' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.AnimateTransformElementFactory To create a 'animateTransform' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.CircleElementFactory To create a 'circle' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.ClipPathElementFactory To create a 'clip-path' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.ColorProfileElementFactory To create a 'color-profile' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.CursorElementFactory To create a 'cursor' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.DefinitionSrcElementFactory To create a 'definition-src' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.DefsElementFactory To create a 'defs' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.DescElementFactory To create a 'desc' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.EllipseElementFactory To create an 'ellipse' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeBlendElementFactory To create a 'feBlend' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeColorMatrixElementFactory To create a 'feColorMatrix' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeComponentTransferElementFactory To create a 'feComponentTransfer' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeCompositeElementFactory To create a 'feComposite' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeConvolveMatrixElementFactory To create a 'feConvolveMatrix' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeDiffuseLightingElementFactory To create a 'feDiffuseLighting' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeDisplacementMapElementFactory To create a 'feDisplacementMap' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeDistantLightElementFactory To create a 'feDistantLight' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeFloodElementFactory To create a 'feFlood' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeFuncAElementFactory To create a 'feFuncA' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeFuncBElementFactory To create a 'feFuncB' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeFuncGElementFactory To create a 'feFuncG' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeFuncRElementFactory To create a 'feFuncR' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeGaussianBlurElementFactory To create a 'feGaussianBlur' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeImageElementFactory To create a 'feImage' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeMergeElementFactory To create a 'feMerge' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeMergeNodeElementFactory To create a 'feMergeNode' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeMorphologyElementFactory To create a 'feMorphology' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeOffsetElementFactory To create a 'feOffset' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FePointLightElementFactory To create a 'fePointLight' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeSpecularLightingElementFactory To create a 'feSpecularLighting' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeSpotLightElementFactory To create a 'feSpotLight' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeTileElementFactory To create a 'feTile' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FeTurbulenceElementFactory To create a 'feTurbulence' element
SVGDOMImplementation.FilterElementFactory To create a 'filter' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FontElementFactory To create a 'font' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FontFaceElementFactory To create a 'font-face' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FontFaceFormatElementFactory To create a 'font-face-format' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FontFaceNameElementFactory To create a 'font-face-name' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FontFaceSrcElementFactory To create a 'font-face-src' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.FontFaceUriElementFactory To create a 'font-face-uri' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.ForeignObjectElementFactory To create a 'foreignObject' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.GElementFactory To create a 'g' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.GlyphElementFactory To create a 'glyph' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.GlyphRefElementFactory To create a 'glyphRef' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.HkernElementFactory To create a 'hkern' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.ImageElementFactory To create a 'image' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.LinearGradientElementFactory To create a 'linearGradient' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.LineElementFactory To create a 'line' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.MarkerElementFactory To create a 'marker' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.MaskElementFactory To create a 'mask' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.MetadataElementFactory To create a 'metadata' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.MissingGlyphElementFactory To create a 'missing-glyph' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.MpathElementFactory To create a 'mpath' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.PathElementFactory To create a 'path' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.PatternElementFactory To create a 'pattern' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.PolygonElementFactory To create a 'polygon' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.PolylineElementFactory To create a 'polyline' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.RadialGradientElementFactory To create a 'radialGradient' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.RectElementFactory To create a 'rect' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.ScriptElementFactory To create a 'script' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.SetElementFactory To create a 'set' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.StopElementFactory To create a 'stop' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.StyleElementFactory To create a 'style' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.SvgElementFactory To create an 'svg' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.SwitchElementFactory To create a 'switch' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.SymbolElementFactory To create a 'symbol' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.TextElementFactory To create a 'text' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.TextPathElementFactory To create a 'textPath' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.TitleElementFactory To create a 'title' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.TrefElementFactory To create a 'tref' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.TspanElementFactory To create a 'tspan' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.UseElementFactory To create a 'use' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.ViewElementFactory To create a 'view' element.
SVGDOMImplementation.VkernElementFactory To create a 'vkern' element.
SVGGraphicsElement This class provides a common superclass for all graphics elements.
SVGLocatableSupport This class provides support for the SVGLocatable interface.
SVGOMAElement This class implements SVGAElement.
SVGOMAltGlyphDefElement This class implements SVGAltGlyphDefElement.
SVGOMAltGlyphElement This class implements SVGAltGlyphElement.
SVGOMAltGlyphItemElement This class implements SVGAltGlyphItemElement.
SVGOMAngle Implementation of an SVGAngle not associated with any attribute.
SVGOMAnimateColorElement This class implements SVGAnimateColorElement.
SVGOMAnimatedBoolean This class implements the SVGAnimatedBoolean interface.
SVGOMAnimatedEnumeration This class provides an implementation of the SVGAnimatedEnumeration interface.
SVGOMAnimatedInteger This class implements the SVGAnimatedInteger interface.
SVGOMAnimatedLength This class provides an implementation of the SVGAnimatedLength interface.
SVGOMAnimatedLengthList This class is the implementation of the SVGAnimatedLengthList interface.
SVGOMAnimatedMarkerOrientValue A class that handles an SVGAnimatedAngle and an SVGAnimatedEnumeration for the 'marker' element's 'orient' attribute.
SVGOMAnimatedNumber This class implements the SVGAnimatedNumber interface.
SVGOMAnimatedNumberList This class is the implementation of the SVGAnimatedNumberList interface.
SVGOMAnimatedPathData This class is the implementation of the SVGAnimatedPathData interface.
SVGOMAnimatedPoints This class is the implementation of the SVGAnimatedPoints interface.
SVGOMAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio This class implements the SVGAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio interface.
SVGOMAnimatedRect Implementation of SVGAnimatedRect.
SVGOMAnimatedString This class implements the SVGAnimatedString interface.
SVGOMAnimatedTransformList This class is the implementation of the SVGAnimatedTransformList interface.
SVGOMAnimateElement This class implements SVGAnimateElement.
SVGOMAnimateMotionElement This class implements SVGAnimateMotionElement.
SVGOMAnimateTransformElement This class implements SVGAnimateTransformElement.
SVGOMAnimationElement This class provides an implementation of the SVGAnimationElement interface.
SVGOMCircleElement This class implements SVGCircleElement.
SVGOMClipPathElement This class implements SVGClipPathElement.
SVGOMColorProfileElement This class implements SVGColorProfileElement.
SVGOMComponentTransferFunctionElement This class represents the component transfer function elements.
SVGOMCursorElement This class implements SVGCursorElement.
SVGOMDefinitionSrcElement This class implements SVGDefinitionSrcElement.
SVGOMDefsElement This class implements SVGDefsElement.
SVGOMDescElement This class implements SVGDescElement.
SVGOMDocument This class implements SVGDocument.
SVGOMElement This class implements the SVGElement interface.
SVGOMEllipseElement This class implements SVGEllipseElement.
SVGOMEvent This class provides an implementation of the SVGEvent interface.
SVGOMFEBlendElement This class implements SVGFEBlendElement.
SVGOMFEColorMatrixElement This class implements SVGFEColorMatrixElement.
SVGOMFEComponentTransferElement This class implements SVGFEComponentTransferElement.
SVGOMFECompositeElement This class implements SVGFECompositeElement.
SVGOMFEConvolveMatrixElement This class implements SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement.
SVGOMFEDiffuseLightingElement This class implements SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement.
SVGOMFEDisplacementMapElement This class implements SVGFEDisplacementMapElement.
SVGOMFEDistantLightElement This class implements SVGFEDistantLightElement.
SVGOMFEFloodElement This class implements SVGFEFloodElement.
SVGOMFEFuncAElement This class implements SVGFEFuncAElement.
SVGOMFEFuncBElement This class implements SVGFEFuncBElement.
SVGOMFEFuncGElement This class implements SVGFEFuncGElement.
SVGOMFEFuncRElement This class implements SVGFEFuncRElement.
SVGOMFEGaussianBlurElement This class implements SVGFEGaussianBlurElement.
SVGOMFEImageElement This class implements SVGFEImageElement.
SVGOMFEMergeElement This class implements SVGFEMergeElement.
SVGOMFEMergeNodeElement This class implements SVGFEMergeNodeElement.
SVGOMFEMorphologyElement This class implements SVGFEMorphologyElement.
SVGOMFEOffsetElement This class implements SVGFEOffsetElement.
SVGOMFEPointLightElement This class implements SVGFEPointLightElement.
SVGOMFESpecularLightingElement This class implements SVGFESpecularLightingElement.
SVGOMFESpotLightElement This class implements SVGFESpotLightElement.
SVGOMFETileElement This class implements SVGFETileElement.
SVGOMFETurbulenceElement This class implements SVGFETurbulenceElement.
SVGOMFilterElement This class implements SVGFilterElement.
SVGOMFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes This class represents a SVGElement with support for standard filter attributes.
SVGOMFontElement This class implements SVGFontElement.
SVGOMFontFaceElement This class implements SVGFontFaceElement.
SVGOMFontFaceFormatElement This class implements SVGFontFaceFormatElement.
SVGOMFontFaceNameElement This class implements SVGFontFaceNameElement.
SVGOMFontFaceSrcElement This class implements SVGFontFaceSrcElement.
SVGOMFontFaceUriElement This class implements SVGFontFaceUriElement.
SVGOMForeignObjectElement This class implements SVGForeignObjectElement.
SVGOMGElement This class implements SVGGElement.
SVGOMGlyphElement This class implements SVGGlyphElement.
SVGOMGlyphRefElement This class implements SVGGlyphRefElement.
SVGOMGradientElement This class implements SVGGradientElement.
SVGOMHKernElement This class implements SVGHKernElement.
SVGOMImageElement This class implements SVGImageElement.
SVGOMLength Default implementation of SVGLength.
SVGOMLinearGradientElement This class implements SVGLinearGradientElement.
SVGOMLineElement This class implements SVGLineElement.
SVGOMMarkerElement This class implements SVGMarkerElement.
SVGOMMaskElement This class implements SVGMaskElement.
SVGOMMatrix This class provides an implementation of the SVGMatrix interface.
SVGOMMetadataElement This class implements SVGMetadataElement.
SVGOMMissingGlyphElement This class implements SVGMissingGlyphElement.
SVGOMMPathElement This class implements SVGMPathElement.
SVGOMPathElement This class implements SVGPathElement.
SVGOMPatternElement This class implements SVGStopElement.
SVGOMPoint An implementation of SVGPoint that is not associated with any attribute.
SVGOMPolygonElement This class implements SVGPolygonElement.
SVGOMPolylineElement This class implements SVGPolylineElement.
SVGOMRadialGradientElement This class implements SVGRadialGradientElement.
SVGOMRect An implementation of SVGRect that is not associated with an attribute.
SVGOMRectElement This class implements SVGRectElement.
SVGOMScriptElement This class implements SVGScriptElement.
SVGOMSetElement This class implements SVGSetElement.
SVGOMStopElement This class implements SVGStopElement.
SVGOMStyleElement This class implements SVGStyleElement.
SVGOMSVGElement This class implements SVGSVGElement.
SVGOMSwitchElement This class implements SVGSwitchElement.
SVGOMSymbolElement This class implements SVGSymbolElement.
SVGOMTextContentElement This class provides a common superclass for all graphics elements.
SVGOMTextElement This class implements SVGTextElement.
SVGOMTextPathElement This class implements SVGTextPathElement.
SVGOMTextPositioningElement This class implements SVGTextPositioningElement.
SVGOMTitleElement This class implements SVGTitleElement.
SVGOMToBeImplementedElement This is a development only class.
SVGOMTransform This class is the implementation of the SVGTransform interface.
SVGOMTRefElement This class implements SVGTRefElement.
SVGOMTSpanElement This class implements SVGTSpanElement.
SVGOMURIReferenceElement This class implements SVGURIReference.
SVGOMUseElement This class implements SVGUseElement.
SVGOMUseShadowRoot This class implements DocumentFragment interface.
SVGOMViewElement This class implements SVGViewElement.
SVGOMVKernElement This class implements SVGVKernElement.
SVGPathSupport The class provides support for the SVGPath interface.
SVGPointShapeElement This class provides a common superclass for shape elements that are defined with a 'points' attribute (i.e., polygon and polyline).
SVGStylableElement This class provides a common superclass for elements which implement SVGStylable.
SVGStyleSheetProcessingInstruction This class provides an implementation of the 'xml-stylesheet' processing instructions.
SVGTestsSupport This class provides support for SVGTests features.
SVGTextContentSupport This class provides support for the SVGTextContentElement interface.
SVGURIReferenceGraphicsElement This class provides support for Xlink to a graphics element.
SVGURIReferenceTextPositioningElement This class implements both SVGTextPositioningElement and SVGURIReference..
SVGZoomAndPanSupport This class provides support for SVGZoomAndPan features.
TraitInformation Stores information about a specific XML attribute or CSS property.

Exception Summary
LiveAttributeException Thrown when a live attribute cannot parse an attribute's value.
SVGOMException An implementation of the SVGException class.

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