Class BaseScriptingEnvironment

  extended by org.apache.batik.bridge.BaseScriptingEnvironment
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class BaseScriptingEnvironment
extends Object

This class is the base class for SVG scripting.

Nested Class Summary
protected  class BaseScriptingEnvironment.Window
          Represents the window object of this environment.
Field Summary
protected static String ALTERNATE_EVENT_NAME
protected static String APPLICATION_ECMASCRIPT
          The 'application/ecmascript' MIME type.
protected  BridgeContext bridgeContext
          The bridge context.
protected  ParsedURL docPURL
          The URL of the document ot manage
protected  Document document
          The document to manage.
protected static String EVENT_NAME
          Constant used to describe inline scripts.
          Constant used to describe inline scripts.
protected  Interpreter interpreter
          The default Interpreter for the document
protected  Set languages
protected  UserAgent userAgent
          The user-agent.
Constructor Summary
BaseScriptingEnvironment(BridgeContext ctx)
          Creates a new BaseScriptingEnvironment.
Method Summary
protected  void checkCompatibleScriptURL(String scriptType, ParsedURL scriptPURL)
          Checks that the script URLs and the document url are compatible.
 Window createWindow()
          Creates a new Window object.
 Window createWindow(Interpreter interp, String lang)
          Creates a new Window object.
protected  void dispatchSVGDocEvent(String eventType)
protected  void dispatchSVGLoad(Element elt, boolean checkCanRun, String lang)
          Auxiliary method for dispatchSVGLoad.
 void dispatchSVGLoadEvent()
          Recursively dispatch the SVG 'onload' event.
protected  void dispatchSVGResizeEvent()
          Method to dispatch SVG Resize event.
protected  void dispatchSVGScrollEvent()
          Method to dispatch SVG Scroll event.
protected  void dispatchSVGZoomEvent()
          Method to dispatch SVG Zoom event.
 Interpreter getInterpreter()
          Returns the default Interpreter for this document.
 Interpreter getInterpreter(String lang)
protected  void handleInterpreterException(InterpreterException ie)
          Handles the given exception.
protected  void handleSecurityException(SecurityException se)
          Handles the given exception.
 void initializeEnvironment(Interpreter interp, String lang)
          Initializes the environment of the given interpreter.
static boolean isDynamicDocument(BridgeContext ctx, Document doc)
          Tells whether the given SVG document is dynamic.
static boolean isDynamicElement(BridgeContext ctx, Element elt)
static boolean isDynamicElement(Element elt, BridgeContext ctx, List bridgeExtensions)
          Tells whether the given SVG element is dynamic.
 void loadScripts()
          Loads the scripts contained in the

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