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Apache™ Batik: Downloading A Distribution

Apache™ Batik: Downloading A Distribution

Binary or Source?

Most Apache™ Batik users will want to download the latest binary distribution, which is ready to run "out of the box." However, a source distribution will be preferable if you fall into one of the following categories:

Binary Download

Binary distributions include "-bin" in their names, and can be downloaded from a Batik Distribution mirror.

Source Download

There are several ways to obtain a source distribution. Please note that they are listed from least current to most current:

Latest Stable Release

Repository URL ~

Web View ~

Repository URL ~ TRUNK:

European Mirror

Web View ~ TRUNK:

European Mirror

With any source distribution, you will need to build FOP from the source files. For details please see the "Build" page on the documentation tab for the version you've downloaded.

Archive Download

Batik Archive distributions are linked from the upper portion of the Apache Batik Download Mirror Page and can be downloaded from the Batik Archives binaries links.