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Packages that use NormalizingReader
org.apache.batik.css.parser Provides a CSS parser conform to the SAC API. 
org.apache.batik.parser Provides a set of parsers and objects to manipulate SVG attributes.   

Uses of NormalizingReader in org.apache.batik.css.parser

Fields in org.apache.batik.css.parser declared as NormalizingReader
protected  NormalizingReader Scanner.reader
          The reader.

Uses of NormalizingReader in org.apache.batik.parser

Fields in org.apache.batik.parser declared as NormalizingReader
protected  NormalizingReader AbstractParser.reader
          The normalizing reader.
protected  NormalizingReader AbstractScanner.reader
          The reader.

Uses of NormalizingReader in

Subclasses of NormalizingReader in
 class StreamNormalizingReader
          This class represents a NormalizingReader which handles streams of bytes.
 class StringNormalizingReader
          This class represents a NormalizingReader which handles Strings.

Uses of NormalizingReader in org.apache.batik.xml

Subclasses of NormalizingReader in org.apache.batik.xml
 class XMLStreamNormalizingReader
          This class represents a normalizing reader with encoding detection management.

Fields in org.apache.batik.xml declared as NormalizingReader
protected  NormalizingReader XMLScanner.reader
          The reader.

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