Package org.apache.batik.util.gui

Interface Summary
DropDownComponent.ScrollablePopupMenuItem The scrollable pop up menu item.
DropDownComponent.ScrollablePopupMenuListener The ScrollablePopupMenu listener.
DropDownComponent.ScrollablePopupMenuModel The scrollable popup menu model.
MemoryMonitor.MemoryChangeListener This interface allows the RepaintThread to notify an object that the current memory state has changed.

Class Summary
CSSMediaPanel This class represents a panel to edit/add/remove CSS media.
CSSMediaPanel.AddMediumDialog A dialog to add a new CSS medium.
CSSMediaPanel.Dialog A dialog to edit/add/remove CSS media.
DropDownComponent The drop down menu component.
DropDownComponent.DefaultScrollablePopupMenuItem Default implementation of the scrollable popup menu item.
DropDownComponent.ScrollablePopupMenu The Scrollable Popup Menu Component.
DropDownComponent.ScrollablePopupMenuAdapter The adapter for the ScrollablePopupMenuListener.
DropDownComponent.ScrollablePopupMenuEvent Event to pass to listener.
ExtendedGridBagConstraints This class extends the java.awt.GridBagConstraints in order to provide some utility methods.
JErrorPane This class represents a dialog to display an error (message + Exception).
LanguageDialog This class represents a language selection dialog.
LanguageDialog.Panel The language selection panel.
LocationBar This class represents a location bar.
MemoryMonitor This class contains a collection of components that can be used to track and display the memory usage.
MemoryMonitor.History Displays the memory usage history in a chart.
MemoryMonitor.Panel A panel composed of a Usage instance and a History instance.
MemoryMonitor.RepaintThread This thread repaints a list of components.
MemoryMonitor.Usage Displays the current memory usage.
URIChooser This class is a dialog used to enter an URI or to choose a local file.
UserStyleDialog This class represents a dialog to select the user style sheet.
UserStyleDialog.Panel This class represents the main panel of the dialog.

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