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org.apache.batik.util Provides some useful classes. 

Uses of RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState in org.apache.batik.util

Fields in org.apache.batik.util declared as RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState
static RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState RunnableQueue.RUNNING
          The queue is in the process of running tasks.
protected  RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState RunnableQueue.state
          The Suspension state of this thread.
static RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState RunnableQueue.SUSPENDED
          The queue is no longer running any tasks and will not run any tasks until resumeExecution is called.
static RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState RunnableQueue.SUSPENDING
          The queue may still be running tasks but as soon as possible will go to SUSPENDED state.

Methods in org.apache.batik.util that return RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState
 RunnableQueue.RunnableQueueState RunnableQueue.getQueueState()

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