Class AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler

  extended by org.apache.batik.util.AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ParsedURLDataProtocolHandler, ParsedURLDefaultProtocolHandler

public abstract class AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler
extends Object
implements ParsedURLProtocolHandler

Very simple abstract base class for ParsedURLProtocolHandlers. Just handles the 'what protocol part'.

Field Summary
protected  String protocol
Constructor Summary
AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler(String protocol)
          Constrcut a ProtocolHandler for protocol
Method Summary
 String getProtocolHandled()
          Returns the protocol to be handled by this class.
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parseURL, parseURL

Field Detail


protected String protocol
Constructor Detail


public AbstractParsedURLProtocolHandler(String protocol)
Constrcut a ProtocolHandler for protocol

Method Detail


public String getProtocolHandled()
Returns the protocol to be handled by this class. The protocol must _always_ be the part of the URL before the first ':'.

Specified by:
getProtocolHandled in interface ParsedURLProtocolHandler

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