Package org.apache.batik.transcoder.wmf.tosvg

Contains all of the interfaces for transcoding WMF Metafiles to SVG.


Class Summary
AbstractWMFPainter This class provides generic methods that must be used by a particular WMFPainter.
AbstractWMFReader This class provides a general framework to read WMF Metafiles.
GdiObject Represents GDI Objects encountred in WMF Files.
MetaRecord This is used to keep data while processing WMF-files.
MetaRecord.ByteRecord A record that contain byte arrays elements.
RecordStore Deprecated. jan '07 : this class is not used anywhere in Batik, it might be removed in the future.
TextureFactory This class generate Paints from WMF hatch definitions.
WMFFont Represent a WMF Font, encountered in a Metafile.
WMFHeaderProperties This class holds simple properties about a WMF Metafile.
WMFPainter Core class for rendering the WMF image.
WMFRecordStore Reads a WMF file, including an Aldus Placable Metafile Header.
WMFTranscoder This class implements the Transcoder interface and can convert a WMF input document into an SVG document.
WMFUtilities This class holds various utilies for importing WMF files that can be used either for AbstractWMFReaders and AbstractWMFPainters

Package org.apache.batik.transcoder.wmf.tosvg Description

Contains all of the interfaces for transcoding WMF Metafiles to SVG. The base class to perform the trasncoding is the WMFTranscoder class. The WMFHeaderProperties class can be used to get size informations from a WMF Metafile without converting it.


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