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Packages that use CachedImageHandler
org.apache.batik.svggen Provides an API on top of the AbstractGraphics2D to translate Java 2D primitives into the SVG format. 

Uses of CachedImageHandler in org.apache.batik.svggen

Classes in org.apache.batik.svggen that implement CachedImageHandler
 class CachedImageHandlerBase64Encoder
          This subclass of ImageHandlerBase64Encoder implements functionality specific to the cached version of the image encoder.
 class CachedImageHandlerJPEGEncoder
          GenericImageHandler which caches JPEG images.
 class CachedImageHandlerPNGEncoder
          GenericImageHandler which caches PNG images.
 class DefaultCachedImageHandler
          This class is a default implementation of the GenericImageHandler for handlers implementing a caching strategy.

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