Package org.apache.batik.gvt.text

Interface Summary
GVTAttributedCharacterIterator GVTAttributedCharacterIterator Used to implement SVG <tspan> and <text> attributes.
GVTAttributedCharacterIterator.AttributeFilter Interface for helper class which mutates the attributes of an AttributedCharacterIterator.

Class Summary
ArabicTextHandler Handles the processing of arabic text.
AttributedCharacterSpanIterator AttributedCharacterSpanIterator Used to provide ACI functionality to a "substring" of an AttributedString.
BidiAttributedCharacterIterator An attributed character iterator that does the reordering of the characters for bidirectional text.
GVTACIImpl GVTACIImpl Used to implement SVG <tspan> and <text> attributes.
GVTAttributedCharacterIterator.TextAttribute Attribute keys that identify SVG text attributes.
TextPaintInfo One line Class Desc Complete Class Desc
TextPath A text path describes a path along which some text will be rendered.

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