Package org.apache.batik.gvt.font

Interface Summary
AltGlyphHandler An interface for handling altGlyphs.
GVTFont An interface for all GVT font classes.
GVTFontFamily An interface for all font family classes.
GVTGlyphVector An interface for all GVT GlyphVector classes.

Class Summary
AWTFontFamily A font family class for AWT fonts.
AWTGlyphGeometryCache This class represents a doubly indexed hash table, which holds soft references to the contained glyph geometry informations.
AWTGlyphGeometryCache.Value The object that holds glyph geometry.
AWTGVTFont This is a wrapper class for a java.awt.Font instance.
AWTGVTGlyphVector This is a wrapper class for a java.awt.font.GlyphVector instance.
Glyph A Glyph describes a graphics node with some specific glyph rendering attributes.
GVTFontFace One line Class Desc Complete Class Desc
GVTGlyphMetrics GVTGlyphMetrics is essentially a wrapper class for java.awt.font.GlyphMetrics with the addition of horizontal and vertical advance values.
GVTLineMetrics GVTLineMetrics is a GVT version of java.awt.font.LineMetrics.
Kern The Kern class describes an entry in the "kerning table".
KerningTable The KerningTable class holds a kerning table (a collection of Kern elements).
SVGGVTGlyphVector A GVTGlyphVector class for SVG fonts.
UnicodeRange A class that represents a CSS unicode range.
UnresolvedFontFamily A font family class for unresolved fonts.

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