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Uses of DoubleDocument in org.apache.batik.ext.swing

Fields in org.apache.batik.ext.swing declared as DoubleDocument
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.rotateModel
          The Model for the rotation
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.rxModel
          The Model for the x-axis rotation center
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.ryModel
          The Model for the y-axis rotation center
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.sxModel
          The Model for the x-axis scale component
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.syModel
          The Model for the y-axis scale component
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.txModel
          The Model for the x-axis translate component
protected  DoubleDocument JAffineTransformChooser.tyModel
          The Model for the y-axis translate component

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