Class SingleTileRenderedImage

  extended by org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.util.SimpleRenderedImage
      extended by org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.util.SingleTileRenderedImage
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SingleTileRenderedImage
extends SimpleRenderedImage

A simple class that provides RenderedImage functionality given a Raster and a ColorModel.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.util.SimpleRenderedImage
colorModel, height, minX, minY, properties, sampleModel, sources, tileGridXOffset, tileGridYOffset, tileHeight, tileWidth, width
Constructor Summary
SingleTileRenderedImage(Raster ras, ColorModel colorModel)
          Constructs a SingleTileRenderedImage based on a Raster and a ColorModel.
Method Summary
 Raster getTile(int tileX, int tileY)
          Returns the image's Raster as tile (0, 0).
Methods inherited from class org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.util.SimpleRenderedImage
copyData, getBounds, getColorModel, getData, getData, getHeight, getMaxTileX, getMaxTileY, getMaxX, getMaxY, getMinTileX, getMinTileY, getMinX, getMinY, getNumXTiles, getNumYTiles, getProperty, getPropertyNames, getPropertyNames, getSampleModel, getSources, getTileGridXOffset, getTileGridYOffset, getTileHeight, getTileWidth, getWidth, tileXToX, tileXToX, tileYToY, tileYToY, XToTileX, XToTileX, YToTileY, YToTileY
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Constructor Detail


public SingleTileRenderedImage(Raster ras,
                               ColorModel colorModel)
Constructs a SingleTileRenderedImage based on a Raster and a ColorModel.

ras - A Raster that will define tile (0, 0) of the image.
colorModel - A ColorModel that will serve as the image's ColorModel.
Method Detail


public Raster getTile(int tileX,
                      int tileY)
Returns the image's Raster as tile (0, 0).

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