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Packages that use AbstractParentNode.ElementsByTagNameNS
org.apache.batik.dom Provides an implementation of the DOM level 2 core module. 

Uses of AbstractParentNode.ElementsByTagNameNS in org.apache.batik.dom

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom that return AbstractParentNode.ElementsByTagNameNS
 AbstractParentNode.ElementsByTagNameNS AbstractDocument.getElementsByTagNameNS(Node n, String ns, String ln)
          Returns an ElementsByTagNameNS object from the cache, if any.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom with parameters of type AbstractParentNode.ElementsByTagNameNS
 void AbstractDocument.putElementsByTagNameNS(Node n, String ns, String ln, AbstractParentNode.ElementsByTagNameNS l)
          Puts an ElementsByTagNameNS object in the cache.

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