Package org.apache.batik.css.engine

Interface Summary
CSSContext This interface allows the user of a CSSEngine to provide contextual informations.
CSSEngine.MainPropertyReceiver Interface for people interesting in having 'primary' properties set.
CSSEngineListener This class must be implemented in order to be notified of CSS events.
CSSEngineUserAgent One line Class Desc Complete Class Desc
CSSNavigableDocument An interface for documents that have CSSNavigableNodes.
CSSNavigableDocumentListener An interface for listeners of CSSNavigableDocument events.
CSSNavigableNode An interface for DOM classes that can be navigated for CSS selector matching and cascade computation.
CSSStylableElement This interface must be implemented by the DOM elements which needs CSS support.
CSSStyleSheetNode This interface must be implemented by the DOM nodes which represent CSS style-sheets.
Rule This interface represents a CSS rule.
StyleDeclarationProvider An interface for CSSStyleDeclaration objects to expose their underlying StyleDeclaration objects storing the properties.

Class Summary
CSSEngine This is the base class for all the CSS engines.
CSSEngine.DocumentAdapter Provides an (empty) adapter for the DocumentHandler interface.
CSSEngineEvent This class represents a CSS event fired by a CSSEngine.
FontFaceRule This class represents a @font-face CSS rule.
ImportRule This class represents a @import CSS rule.
MediaRule This class represents a @media CSS rule.
Messages This class manages the message for the css.engine module.
StringIntMap A simple hashtable, not synchronized, with fixed load factor.
StringIntMap.Entry To manage collisions
StyleDeclaration This class represents a collection of CSS property values.
StyleMap This class represents objects which contains property/value mappings.
StyleRule This class represents a style rule.
StyleSheet This class represents a list of rules.
SVG12CSSEngine This class provides a CSS engine initialized for SVG.
SVGCSSEngine This class provides a CSS engine initialized for SVG.
SystemColorSupport This class provides support for AWT system colors.

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