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Uses of CSSOMSVGColor in org.apache.batik.css.dom

Subclasses of CSSOMSVGColor in org.apache.batik.css.dom
protected  class CSSOMSVGComputedStyle.ComputedCSSColorValue
          To manage a computed color CSSValue.
 class CSSOMSVGComputedStyle.ComputedCSSPaintValue
          To manage a computed paint CSSValue.
 class CSSOMSVGPaint
          This class implements the SVGPaint interface.
 class CSSOMSVGStyleDeclaration.StyleDeclarationColorValue
          This class represents a CSS value returned by this declaration.
 class CSSOMSVGStyleDeclaration.StyleDeclarationPaintValue
          This class represents a CSS value returned by this declaration.

Uses of CSSOMSVGColor in org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Subclasses of CSSOMSVGColor in org.apache.batik.dom.svg
 class SVGStylableElement.PresentationAttributeColorValue
          To manage a presentation attribute SVGColor value.
 class SVGStylableElement.PresentationAttributePaintValue
          To manage a presentation attribute SVGPaint value.

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