Class CSSOMSVGComputedStyle

  extended by org.apache.batik.css.dom.CSSOMComputedStyle
      extended by org.apache.batik.css.dom.CSSOMSVGComputedStyle
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public class CSSOMSVGComputedStyle
extends CSSOMComputedStyle

This class represents the computed style of an SVG element.

Nested Class Summary
protected  class CSSOMSVGComputedStyle.ComputedCSSColorValue
          To manage a computed color CSSValue.
 class CSSOMSVGComputedStyle.ComputedCSSPaintValue
          To manage a computed paint CSSValue.
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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.apache.batik.css.dom.CSSOMComputedStyle
cssEngine, element, pseudoElement, values
Constructor Summary
CSSOMSVGComputedStyle(CSSEngine e, CSSStylableElement elt, String pseudoElt)
          Creates a new computed style.
Method Summary
protected  CSSValue createCSSValue(int idx)
          Creates a CSSValue to manage the value at the given index.
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getCssText, getLength, getParentRule, getPropertyCSSValue, getPropertyPriority, getPropertyValue, item, removeProperty, setCssText, setProperty
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public CSSOMSVGComputedStyle(CSSEngine e,
                             CSSStylableElement elt,
                             String pseudoElt)
Creates a new computed style.

Method Detail


protected CSSValue createCSSValue(int idx)
Creates a CSSValue to manage the value at the given index.

createCSSValue in class CSSOMComputedStyle

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