Class StyleReference

  extended by org.apache.batik.bridge.StyleReference

public class StyleReference
extends Object

A style reference represents a graphics node, CSS property pair. It describes which GraphicsNode and which property of this GraphicsNode should be updated when a style element (for example a filter) changes due to a modification of the DOM.

Constructor Summary
StyleReference(GraphicsNode node, String styleAttribute)
          Creates a new StyleReference.
Method Summary
 GraphicsNode getGraphicsNode()
          Returns the graphics node.
 String getStyleAttribute()
          Returns the style attribute
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Constructor Detail


public StyleReference(GraphicsNode node,
                      String styleAttribute)
Creates a new StyleReference.

node - the graphics node impacted.
styleAttribute - the name of the style attribute that is impacted.
Method Detail


public GraphicsNode getGraphicsNode()
Returns the graphics node.


public String getStyleAttribute()
Returns the style attribute

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