Class RelaxedScriptSecurity

  extended by org.apache.batik.bridge.RelaxedScriptSecurity
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RelaxedScriptSecurity
extends Object
implements ScriptSecurity

This implementation for the ScriptSecurity interface. allows the script to be loaded and does not impose constraints on the urls. Note that this only means there is no check on the script's origin, not that it will run without security checks.

Constructor Summary
RelaxedScriptSecurity(String scriptType, ParsedURL scriptURL, ParsedURL docURL)
Method Summary
 void checkLoadScript()
          Controls whether the script should be loaded or not.
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Constructor Detail


public RelaxedScriptSecurity(String scriptType,
                             ParsedURL scriptURL,
                             ParsedURL docURL)
scriptType - type of script, as found in the type attribute of the <script> element.
scriptURL - url for the script, as defined in the script's xlink:href attribute. If that attribute was empty, then this parameter should be null
docURL - url for the document into which the script was found.
Method Detail


public void checkLoadScript()
Controls whether the script should be loaded or not.

Specified by:
checkLoadScript in interface ScriptSecurity
SecurityException - if the script should not be loaded.

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