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 class BindableElement
          This class implements foreign namespace elements that can be bound with XBL.
 class SVGOMAElement
          This class implements SVGAElement.
 class SVGOMCircleElement
          This class implements SVGCircleElement.
 class SVGOMClipPathElement
          This class implements SVGClipPathElement.
 class SVGOMDefsElement
          This class implements SVGDefsElement.
 class SVGOMEllipseElement
          This class implements SVGEllipseElement.
 class SVGOMFlowRootElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMForeignObjectElement
          This class implements SVGForeignObjectElement.
 class SVGOMGElement
          This class implements SVGGElement.
 class SVGOMImageElement
          This class implements SVGImageElement.
 class SVGOMLineElement
          This class implements SVGLineElement.
 class SVGOMMaskElement
          This class implements SVGMaskElement.
 class SVGOMPathElement
          This class implements SVGPathElement.
 class SVGOMPolygonElement
          This class implements SVGPolygonElement.
 class SVGOMPolylineElement
          This class implements SVGPolylineElement.
 class SVGOMRectElement
          This class implements SVGRectElement.
 class SVGOMSwitchElement
          This class implements SVGSwitchElement.
 class SVGOMToBeImplementedElement
          This is a development only class.
 class SVGOMUseElement
          This class implements SVGUseElement.
 class SVGPointShapeElement
          This class provides a common superclass for shape elements that are defined with a 'points' attribute (i.e., polygon and polyline).
 class SVGURIReferenceGraphicsElement
          This class provides support for Xlink to a graphics element.

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