Class SetAnimation

  extended by org.apache.batik.anim.AbstractAnimation
      extended by org.apache.batik.anim.SetAnimation

public class SetAnimation
extends AbstractAnimation

An animation class for 'set' animations.

Field Summary
protected  AnimatableValue to
          The set animation value.
Fields inherited from class org.apache.batik.anim.AbstractAnimation
animatableElement, beginTime, CALC_MODE_DISCRETE, CALC_MODE_LINEAR, CALC_MODE_PACED, CALC_MODE_SPLINE, composedValue, higherAnimation, isActive, isDirty, isFrozen, lowerAnimation, timedElement, toAnimation, usesUnderlyingValue, value
Constructor Summary
SetAnimation(TimedElement timedElement, AnimatableElement animatableElement, AnimatableValue to)
          Creates a new SetAnimation.
Method Summary
protected  void sampledAt(float simpleTime, float simpleDur, int repeatIteration)
          Called when the element is sampled at the given time.
protected  void sampledLastValue(int repeatIteration)
          Called when the element is sampled for its "last" value.
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getComposedValue, getTimedElement, getValue, markDirty, toString, usesUnderlyingValue, willReplace
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Field Detail


protected AnimatableValue to
The set animation value.

Constructor Detail


public SetAnimation(TimedElement timedElement,
                    AnimatableElement animatableElement,
                    AnimatableValue to)
Creates a new SetAnimation.

Method Detail


protected void sampledAt(float simpleTime,
                         float simpleDur,
                         int repeatIteration)
Called when the element is sampled at the given time.

Specified by:
sampledAt in class AbstractAnimation


protected void sampledLastValue(int repeatIteration)
Called when the element is sampled for its "last" value.

sampledLastValue in class AbstractAnimation

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