Class Version

  extended by org.apache.batik.Version

public final class Version
extends Object

This class defines the Batik version number.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static String getVersion()
          Returns the Batik version.
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Constructor Detail


public Version()
Method Detail


public static String getVersion()
Returns the Batik version.

This is based on the Implementation-Version attribute in the batik-util.jar (which is where this Version class lives) and the 'HeadURL' SVN keyword. The keyword be substituted with the URL of this file, which is then inspected to determine if this file was compiled from the trunk, a tag (a release version), or a branch. The format of the returned string will be one of the following:

Source Version string
Release version version
Trunk version+rrevision
Branch version+rrevision; branch-name
Unknown development version

Prior to release 1.7, the version string would be the straight tag (e.g. "batik-1_6") or the string "development.version". revision is the Subversion working copy's revision number.

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