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Uses of TIFFField in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.tiff

Methods in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.tiff that return TIFFField
 TIFFField[] TIFFEncodeParam.getExtraFields()
          Returns the value set by setExtraFields().
 TIFFField TIFFDirectory.getField(int tag)
          Returns the value of a given tag as a TIFFField, or null if the tag is not present.
 TIFFField[] TIFFDirectory.getFields()
          Returns an array of TIFFFields containing all the fields in this directory.

Methods in org.apache.batik.ext.awt.image.codec.tiff with parameters of type TIFFField
 void TIFFEncodeParam.setExtraFields(TIFFField[] extraFields)
          Sets an array of extra fields to be written to the TIFF Image File Directory (IFD).

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