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org.apache.batik.dom Provides an implementation of the DOM level 2 core module. Provides an implementation of the DOM level 2 events module. 
org.apache.batik.dom.util Provides some utility classes for the implementation of the DOM. 

Uses of HashTable in org.apache.batik.dom

Fields in org.apache.batik.dom declared as HashTable
protected  HashTable AbstractDOMImplementation.features
          The supported features.
protected  HashTable StyleSheetProcessingInstruction.pseudoAttributes
          The pseudo attributes.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom that return HashTable
 HashTable StyleSheetProcessingInstruction.getPseudoAttributes()
          Returns the pseudo attributes in a table.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom with parameters of type HashTable
 StyleSheet StyleSheetFactory.createStyleSheet(Node node, HashTable pseudoAttrs)
          Creates a stylesheet from the data of the xml-stylesheet processing instruction or return null when it is not possible to create the given stylesheet.

Uses of HashTable in

Fields in declared as HashTable
protected  HashTable EventSupport.bubblingListeners
          The bubbling listeners table.
protected  HashTable EventSupport.capturingListeners
          The capturing listeners table.
protected  HashTable DocumentEventSupport.eventFactories
          The event factories table.
protected  HashTable EventListenerList.listenersNS
          Caches of listeners with a given namespace URI.

Uses of HashTable in org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Fields in org.apache.batik.dom.svg declared as HashTable
protected  HashTable SVGDOMImplementation.factories
protected static HashTable SVGDOMImplementation.svg11Factories
          The SVG element factories.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom.svg with parameters of type HashTable
 StyleSheet SVGDOMImplementation.createStyleSheet(Node n, HashTable attrs)
          Creates a stylesheet from the data of an xml-stylesheet processing instruction or return null.

Uses of HashTable in org.apache.batik.dom.svg12

Fields in org.apache.batik.dom.svg12 declared as HashTable
protected  HashTable XBLEventSupport.bubblingImplementationListeners
          The unstoppable bubbling listeners table.
protected  HashTable XBLEventSupport.capturingImplementationListeners
          The unstoppable capturing listeners table.
protected static HashTable XBLEventSupport.eventTypeAliases
          Map of event types to their aliases.
protected static HashTable SVG12DOMImplementation.svg12Factories
          The SVG element factories.
protected static HashTable SVG12DOMImplementation.xblFactories
          The XBL element factories.

Uses of HashTable in org.apache.batik.dom.util

Fields in org.apache.batik.dom.util declared as HashTable
 HashTable HashTableStack.Link.table
          The table.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom.util with parameters of type HashTable
static void DOMUtilities.parseStyleSheetPIData(String data, HashTable table)
          Parses a 'xml-stylesheet' processing instruction data section and puts the pseudo attributes in the given table.

Constructors in org.apache.batik.dom.util with parameters of type HashTable
HashTable(HashTable t)
          Creates a copy of the given HashTable object.

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