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org.apache.batik.extension This package contains Batik's extensions to standard SVG (custom elements, additional bridges...). 

Uses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.dom.svg

Subclasses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.dom.svg
 class SVGDescriptiveElement
          This class provides a common superclass for elements which contain descriptive text.
 class SVGGraphicsElement
          This class provides a common superclass for all graphics elements.
 class SVGOMAElement
          This class implements SVGAElement.
 class SVGOMAltGlyphDefElement
          This class implements SVGAltGlyphDefElement.
 class SVGOMAltGlyphElement
          This class implements SVGAltGlyphElement.
 class SVGOMAltGlyphItemElement
          This class implements SVGAltGlyphItemElement.
 class SVGOMAnimateColorElement
          This class implements SVGAnimateColorElement.
 class SVGOMAnimateElement
          This class implements SVGAnimateElement.
 class SVGOMAnimateMotionElement
          This class implements SVGAnimateMotionElement.
 class SVGOMAnimateTransformElement
          This class implements SVGAnimateTransformElement.
 class SVGOMAnimationElement
          This class provides an implementation of the SVGAnimationElement interface.
 class SVGOMCircleElement
          This class implements SVGCircleElement.
 class SVGOMClipPathElement
          This class implements SVGClipPathElement.
 class SVGOMColorProfileElement
          This class implements SVGColorProfileElement.
 class SVGOMComponentTransferFunctionElement
          This class represents the component transfer function elements.
 class SVGOMCursorElement
          This class implements SVGCursorElement.
 class SVGOMDefinitionSrcElement
          This class implements SVGDefinitionSrcElement.
 class SVGOMDefsElement
          This class implements SVGDefsElement.
 class SVGOMDescElement
          This class implements SVGDescElement.
 class SVGOMElement
          This class implements the SVGElement interface.
 class SVGOMEllipseElement
          This class implements SVGEllipseElement.
 class SVGOMFEBlendElement
          This class implements SVGFEBlendElement.
 class SVGOMFEColorMatrixElement
          This class implements SVGFEColorMatrixElement.
 class SVGOMFEComponentTransferElement
          This class implements SVGFEComponentTransferElement.
 class SVGOMFECompositeElement
          This class implements SVGFECompositeElement.
 class SVGOMFEConvolveMatrixElement
          This class implements SVGFEConvolveMatrixElement.
 class SVGOMFEDiffuseLightingElement
          This class implements SVGFEDiffuseLightingElement.
 class SVGOMFEDisplacementMapElement
          This class implements SVGFEDisplacementMapElement.
 class SVGOMFEDistantLightElement
          This class implements SVGFEDistantLightElement.
 class SVGOMFEFloodElement
          This class implements SVGFEFloodElement.
 class SVGOMFEFuncAElement
          This class implements SVGFEFuncAElement.
 class SVGOMFEFuncBElement
          This class implements SVGFEFuncBElement.
 class SVGOMFEFuncGElement
          This class implements SVGFEFuncGElement.
 class SVGOMFEFuncRElement
          This class implements SVGFEFuncRElement.
 class SVGOMFEGaussianBlurElement
          This class implements SVGFEGaussianBlurElement.
 class SVGOMFEImageElement
          This class implements SVGFEImageElement.
 class SVGOMFEMergeElement
          This class implements SVGFEMergeElement.
 class SVGOMFEMergeNodeElement
          This class implements SVGFEMergeNodeElement.
 class SVGOMFEMorphologyElement
          This class implements SVGFEMorphologyElement.
 class SVGOMFEOffsetElement
          This class implements SVGFEOffsetElement.
 class SVGOMFEPointLightElement
          This class implements SVGFEPointLightElement.
 class SVGOMFESpecularLightingElement
          This class implements SVGFESpecularLightingElement.
 class SVGOMFESpotLightElement
          This class implements SVGFESpotLightElement.
 class SVGOMFETileElement
          This class implements SVGFETileElement.
 class SVGOMFETurbulenceElement
          This class implements SVGFETurbulenceElement.
 class SVGOMFilterElement
          This class implements SVGFilterElement.
 class SVGOMFilterPrimitiveStandardAttributes
          This class represents a SVGElement with support for standard filter attributes.
 class SVGOMFontElement
          This class implements SVGFontElement.
 class SVGOMFontFaceElement
          This class implements SVGFontFaceElement.
 class SVGOMFontFaceFormatElement
          This class implements SVGFontFaceFormatElement.
 class SVGOMFontFaceNameElement
          This class implements SVGFontFaceNameElement.
 class SVGOMFontFaceSrcElement
          This class implements SVGFontFaceSrcElement.
 class SVGOMFontFaceUriElement
          This class implements SVGFontFaceUriElement.
 class SVGOMForeignObjectElement
          This class implements SVGForeignObjectElement.
 class SVGOMGElement
          This class implements SVGGElement.
 class SVGOMGlyphElement
          This class implements SVGGlyphElement.
 class SVGOMGlyphRefElement
          This class implements SVGGlyphRefElement.
 class SVGOMGradientElement
          This class implements SVGGradientElement.
 class SVGOMHKernElement
          This class implements SVGHKernElement.
 class SVGOMImageElement
          This class implements SVGImageElement.
 class SVGOMLinearGradientElement
          This class implements SVGLinearGradientElement.
 class SVGOMLineElement
          This class implements SVGLineElement.
 class SVGOMMarkerElement
          This class implements SVGMarkerElement.
 class SVGOMMaskElement
          This class implements SVGMaskElement.
 class SVGOMMetadataElement
          This class implements SVGMetadataElement.
 class SVGOMMissingGlyphElement
          This class implements SVGMissingGlyphElement.
 class SVGOMMPathElement
          This class implements SVGMPathElement.
 class SVGOMPathElement
          This class implements SVGPathElement.
 class SVGOMPatternElement
          This class implements SVGStopElement.
 class SVGOMPolygonElement
          This class implements SVGPolygonElement.
 class SVGOMPolylineElement
          This class implements SVGPolylineElement.
 class SVGOMRadialGradientElement
          This class implements SVGRadialGradientElement.
 class SVGOMRectElement
          This class implements SVGRectElement.
 class SVGOMScriptElement
          This class implements SVGScriptElement.
 class SVGOMSetElement
          This class implements SVGSetElement.
 class SVGOMStopElement
          This class implements SVGStopElement.
 class SVGOMStyleElement
          This class implements SVGStyleElement.
 class SVGOMSVGElement
          This class implements SVGSVGElement.
 class SVGOMSwitchElement
          This class implements SVGSwitchElement.
 class SVGOMSymbolElement
          This class implements SVGSymbolElement.
 class SVGOMTextContentElement
          This class provides a common superclass for all graphics elements.
 class SVGOMTextElement
          This class implements SVGTextElement.
 class SVGOMTextPathElement
          This class implements SVGTextPathElement.
 class SVGOMTextPositioningElement
          This class implements SVGTextPositioningElement.
 class SVGOMTitleElement
          This class implements SVGTitleElement.
 class SVGOMToBeImplementedElement
          This is a development only class.
 class SVGOMTRefElement
          This class implements SVGTRefElement.
 class SVGOMTSpanElement
          This class implements SVGTSpanElement.
 class SVGOMURIReferenceElement
          This class implements SVGURIReference.
 class SVGOMUseElement
          This class implements SVGUseElement.
 class SVGOMViewElement
          This class implements SVGViewElement.
 class SVGOMVKernElement
          This class implements SVGVKernElement.
 class SVGPointShapeElement
          This class provides a common superclass for shape elements that are defined with a 'points' attribute (i.e., polygon and polyline).
 class SVGStylableElement
          This class provides a common superclass for elements which implement SVGStylable.
 class SVGURIReferenceGraphicsElement
          This class provides support for Xlink to a graphics element.
 class SVGURIReferenceTextPositioningElement
          This class implements both SVGTextPositioningElement and SVGURIReference..

Fields in org.apache.batik.dom.svg declared as AbstractElement
protected  AbstractElement SVGOMLength.element
          Element associated to this length.
protected  AbstractElement AbstractSVGAnimatedValue.element
          The associated element.

Methods in org.apache.batik.dom.svg with parameters of type AbstractElement
 void AttributeInitializer.initializeAttributes(AbstractElement elt)
          Initializes the attributes of the given element.
 boolean AttributeInitializer.resetAttribute(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String prefix, String ln)
          Resets an attribute of the given element to its default value.

Constructors in org.apache.batik.dom.svg with parameters of type AbstractElement
AbstractSVGAnimatedLength(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, short dir, boolean nonneg)
          Creates a new SVGAnimatedLength.
AbstractSVGAnimatedValue(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln)
          Creates a new AbstractSVGAnimatedValue.
SVGOMAnimatedBoolean(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, boolean val)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedBoolean.
SVGOMAnimatedEnumeration(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String[] val, short def)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedEnumeration.
SVGOMAnimatedInteger(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, int val)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedInteger.
SVGOMAnimatedLength(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String def, short dir, boolean nonneg)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedLength.
SVGOMAnimatedLengthList(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String defaultValue, boolean emptyAllowed, short direction)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedLengthList.
SVGOMAnimatedMarkerOrientValue(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedMarkerOrientValue.
SVGOMAnimatedNumber(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, float val)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedNumber.
SVGOMAnimatedNumber(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, float val, boolean allowPercentage)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedNumber possibly parsing it as a percentage.
SVGOMAnimatedNumberList(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String defaultValue, boolean emptyAllowed)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedNumberList.
SVGOMAnimatedPathData(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String defaultValue)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedPathData.
SVGOMAnimatedPoints(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String defaultValue)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedPoints.
SVGOMAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio(AbstractElement elt)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedPreserveAspectRatio.
SVGOMAnimatedRect(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String def)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedRect.
SVGOMAnimatedString(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedString.
SVGOMAnimatedTransformList(AbstractElement elt, String ns, String ln, String defaultValue)
          Creates a new SVGOMAnimatedTransformList.
SVGOMLength(AbstractElement elt)
          Default constructor.

Uses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.dom.svg12

Subclasses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.dom.svg12
 class BindableElement
          This class implements foreign namespace elements that can be bound with XBL.
 class SVGOMFlowDivElement
          This class implements the flowDiv element from SVG 1.2
 class SVGOMFlowLineElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMFlowParaElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMFlowRegionBreakElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMFlowRegionElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMFlowRegionExcludeElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMFlowRootElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMFlowSpanElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMHandlerElement
          This class implements SVGHandlerElement.
 class SVGOMMultiImageElement
          This class implements a multiImage extension to SVG.
 class SVGOMSolidColorElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class SVGOMSubImageElement
          This class implements a multiImage extension to SVG.
 class SVGOMSubImageRefElement
          This class implements a multiImage extension to SVG.
 class XBLOMContentElement
          This class implements the xbl:content element.
 class XBLOMDefinitionElement
          This class implements the xbl:definition element.
 class XBLOMElement
          Base class for all XBL elements to inherit from.
 class XBLOMHandlerGroupElement
          This class implements the xbl:handlerGroup element.
 class XBLOMImportElement
          This class implements the xbl:import element.
 class XBLOMShadowTreeElement
          This class implements the xbl:shadowTree element.
 class XBLOMTemplateElement
          This class implements the xbl:template element.
 class XBLOMXBLElement
          This class implements the xbl:xbl element.

Uses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.extension

Subclasses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.extension
 class ExtensionElement
          This class implements the basic features an element must have in order to be usable as a foreign element within an SVGOMDocument.
 class GraphicsExtensionElement
          An abstract base class for graphical extension elements.
 class PrefixableStylableExtensionElement
          This class implements a simple method for handling the node 'prefix'.
 class StylableExtensionElement
          This class implements the basic features an element must have in order to be usable as a foreign element within an SVGOMDocument, and the support for both the 'style' attribute and the style attributes (ie: fill="red", ...).

Uses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.extension.svg

Subclasses of AbstractElement in org.apache.batik.extension.svg
 class BatikHistogramNormalizationElement
          This class implements a histogram normalization extension to SVG.
 class BatikRegularPolygonElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class BatikStarElement
          This class implements a star shape extension to sVG
 class ColorSwitchElement
          This class implements a "color switch" extension to SVG.
 class FlowDivElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class FlowLineElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class FlowParaElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class FlowRegionBreakElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class FlowRegionElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class FlowSpanElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG
 class FlowTextElement
          This class implements a regular polygon extension to SVG

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